Turning a great idea into a successful brand

At the recent NCA Convention (7-10 March, Atlanta, Georgia), one of the keynote speakers was Steve Battista, the former senior vice president of brand and creative at Under Armour, Inc.

Coffee-producing countries collaborate to find a pricing solution

The National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia (FNC) held its annual media briefing during last week’s National Coffee Association (NCA) Convention in Atlanta, Georgia (7-9 March). The meeting typically provides an outlook on Colombia’s coffee production for the current coffee year and prospects for future production. However, this year’s meeting was quite different and […]

Assessing “premium” coffee

The United States is the world’s largest coffee market generating more than USD $14 billion in sales in 2018 per Euromonitor International, but it has its challenges.

Coffee and Clear Skin

As I write this, I am feeling even better about my several-mugs-per-day intake of coffee because, yet another study has revealed positive benefits of drinking coffee.

Acknowledging the “bridge” demographic

The food and beverage industry – both foodservice and retail – has gone to great lengths to appeal to millennials and is now focusing on the next up and coming demographic with buying power, Gen Z consumers. But what about Generation X?

Don’t count out automatic drip machines

The coffeehouse industry continues to flourish globally, with new cafés opening daily — even in markets that appear to be saturated. However, a less-talked about beneficiary of the booming coffeehouse culture is the actual coffee machine.

From Initiative to Institute

The University of California, Davis (near Sacramento) is one of the world’s leading institutions for agricultural studies,a several years ago, launched the Global Tea Initiative for the Study of Tea Culture and Science.

Meeting the demands of responsible citizens of the world

I recently came across a report from Nielsen, a global market research and measurement firm, entitled, The Sustainability Imperative. The opening lines of the piece particularly resonated with me and are truly relatable to coffee and tea — two industries highly focused on origin and the people cultivating the products.

Cannabis/CBD-infused beverages remain on the rise

In last week’s blog, I discussed the preliminary results of the National Restaurant Association’s 2019 What’s Hot Culinary Forecast (aka What’s Hot Survey), let’s take a look at the full Hot List…

Changes Abound in the New Year

Each new year offers the opportunity to start fresh. Of course, every new year also brings changes, and for Tea & Coffee Trade Journal, there are many.

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