Witnessing coffee history

This week I attended the 125th Session of the International Coffee Council (ICC) and witnessed leading coffee roasters and traders agree to the historic declaration on the economic sustainability of the world coffee industry.

UK coffeehouse market remains buoyant

This month celebrates the 25th anniversary of the sitcom Friends, which took place in the local coffeehouse – Central Perk – almost as often as in the characters’ apartments.

Got milk? Is it non-dairy?

“Got milk?” was an immensely popular advertising campaign from the United States Dairy Association that featured actors, athletes and other celebrities drinking milk and wearing “milk mustaches,” which ran for many years on television and billboards across the country.

WCPF and AVANCE – A Perspective

Last month, over 1,500 coffee people gathered together in Campinas, Brazil for the II World Coffee Producers Forum (WCPF) – arguably the most important coffee industry gathering organized by (and mainly for) producing countries.

Experiencing Vietnam’s famed egg coffee

I was invited by the Vietnam Tea Association (VITAS) to visit tea gardens and factories in several northern provinces in Vietnam to assess the country’s efforts to improve the quality and reputation of their tea, both black and green.

The women behind Vietnamese tea

Earlier this week I returned from Vietnam where I had been visiting green, black and shan tea gardens and factories in the Son La and Phu Tho provinces.

Can coffee help fight obesity?

Scientists from the University of Nottingham have discovered that drinking a cup of coffee can stimulate what is known as ‘brown fat’, the body’s internal fat fighters, which could be the key to battling obesity and diabetes.

Make it a tea, but ice it…

World Tea Expo kicked off this week (12-14 June) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event, which focuses on specialty tea, is the largest B2B tea event in the United States.

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