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Q. What is Tea & Coffee Marketplace?
A. Tea & Coffee Marketplace is the new zone on - the website of Tea & Coffee Trade Journal which this year celebrates our 120th anniversary.

While the Tea & Coffee Trade Journal website covers all the news, features, events, the digital magazine, back issue archives and much more, we noticed that what's missing is somewhere for the industry to buy and sell. That's where the Marketplace steps in. The new zone fills this much-needed space - both for business to consumer, and business to business.

Q. Is Tea & Coffee Marketplace for business or consumers?
A. Tea & Coffee Trade Journal remains primarily an industry journal. The Marketplace will reflect that, but in the tea and coffee sectors, we also know there's an important connection between business and the consumer. We've introduced a new way for brands to promote their consumer-focused products, anything from teapots to home grinders, in the Tea & Coffee Marketplace.

Q. Who will see my Tea & Coffee Marketplace posting?
A. is visited by over 10,500 users per month.
The Marketplace will be introduced within the magazine, on the weekly newsletter (5,900 subscribers), the members-only LinkedIn group and Twitter, reaching over 26,000 tea and coffee professionals and aficionados every month.

Q. Who can I talk to about Tea & Coffee Marketplace?
A. For queries about your content or upload, please contact our Digital Editor Maddy Barron at [email protected]
For advertising queries please contact Sophia Freeman, Advertising Sales Manager, [email protected]

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Welcome to Tea & Coffee Trade Journal’s Marketplace, the practical portal for the tea and coffee industry. Here you can find information and items for sale connected to accessories, parts and equipment, tea and coffee based products, job postings and more.

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To include your press release in the Marketplace, please upload either a PDF or Word document file below (not exceeding 500 words), along with a featured image in JPG or PNG format. The image should be landscape, (800px wide and 533px high ideally). You will then be directed to the payment page where payment of £49 will be taken.

Your post will be reviewed and if it meets editorial guidelines it will appear in the Marketplace under your chosen section. If not we will contact you to propose suggestions to amend your content, or offer a refund.


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