Ditta Artigianale launches single origin coffee with expertise of Francesco Sanapo

Ditta Artigianale, micro-roastery and the first line of Florence based cafes for conscious consumption, has launched its “One – Espresso Process Blend.” The new single origin coffee, the result of a study started in 2018 in Honduras, was born from the idea of the coffee champion Francesco Sanapo, in collaboration with the roasting team of Michele Anelotti and Francesco Masciullo and the producers of the Finca El Puente farm Moises and Marysabel Caballero.

The special espresso selection developed for “One – Espresso Process Blend” challenges the history of Made-in-Italy coffee. The four year long research combines in a product the flavours of a single production area of the Honduran lands, Marcala, a single botanical variety, the Catuai, and a single producer, the Caballero family. There was in-depth work on every fermentation and processing process, which has made it possible to obtain four unique types of coffee: washed, with fresh and citric acidity; natural, with great body and sweetness; semi anaerobic, with hints of biscuit and caramel; and anaerobic, characterised by its notes of tropical fruit.

The art of blending was born during the early 1900s, when Pellegrino Artusi, an Italian writer, gastronome, and literary critic, revealed that combining different coffee varieties could achieve an optimal and complex consistency in the cup. Since that moment in Italy, roasters have experimented and mixed the terroirs of other producing countries, with results that have long represented the secret of good Italian coffee.

“We are excited to launch a new, unique concept. It’s a single origin espresso blend that brings complexity and defined taste notes to the cup, obtained only by mixing different terroirs. This demonstrates the efficiency of the knowledge applied to processing and fermentation methods,” said Francesco Sanapo, “Five years after the presentation of Mamma Mia, our previous blend, the world of coffee has continued to change and evolve. We dedicate this novelty to raising awareness in terms of changes in the coffee field and on sustainable innovation.”

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