Alps Coffee utilises IMA Petroncini roasting technology

Italian brand, Alps Coffee, has chosen IMA for its production expansion project. Stefan Schreyögg, fourth generation at the helm of Alps Coffee, tells how the company has increasingly specialised in the fine art of roasting and export business.

“Alps Coffee is a traditional family-run roasting company. The history of the roastery dates to 1890, when my great-grandfather, the merchant, Josef Schreyögg, established a specialty shop with colonial goods and coffees from all over the world. In the 1980s the company increasingly specialised in coffee production and the export business,” commented Stefan Schreyögg.

“Today, our roasting company produces a wide range of high-quality coffee. Our fine blends are gently roasted in a single-origin slow roasting process: from delicious espresso blends, special compositions for fully automatic machines and filter coffees to practical pods, our range offers products to suit every taste and every method of preparation. Numerous certifications in organic, fair-trade and food safety make us a modern roastery with a respectful approach to our environment,” Schreyögg noted.

Recently, Alps Coffee has achieved significant business growth by leveraging its international experience and competence in coffee roasting, with an intensification of global distribution channels.

When it was looking to expand its production plant, the company needed technology that would guarantee the quality and consistency of its product, while also delivering improvements in terms of energy efficiency. The company decided in favour of a direct partnership with IMA Petroncini.

“When it came to upgrading the roasting technologies, IMA Petroncini’ TMR technology captured our attention for its high-quality manufacture, great flexibility, and reliability to succeed unlimited roasting profiles” commented Stefan Schreyögg.

Alps Coffee partnered with IMA Petroncini to expand the company’s production with a complete, modern, and high-capacity coffee roasting plant. The solution Alps Coffee required was a high-technological drum roasting machine combined with a green and roasted coffee plant able to process a large volume of production.

“IMA Petroncini is a very successful and reliable partner, a company that combines its long experience in the sector with its vision focused on innovation and sustainability: the perfect partner for us. We required a modern roasting plant with a large capacity, and its solid company know-how and expert consultancy in plant engineering convinced us to launch the new project with IMA.”

“After multiple tests on Petroncini TMR lab roaster at the IMA Coffee Lab, we decided to validate the partnership at 360° with the purchase of the largest drum roaster with energy-saving system present on the market – the TMR 720 – combined with a complete coffee processing plant,” said Stefan Schreyögg.

Michelangelo Parro, sales area manager at IMA Coffee Hub and head of product management at IMA Petroncini, added, “We provided a tailor-made, 360-degree solution for every aspect of the project, simplifying both development and management. The mutual collaboration was a natural consequence of the ideals we share with our client: the sustainability and ecological principles that belong to Alps Coffee are at the core of IMA’s developments.”

TMR roasters guarantee superior quality roasting, reliability, and high energy-efficiency performances. Furthermore, this machine allows companies to drastically reduce CO emissions into the atmosphere, guaranteeing emission parameters far below the limits set by European regulations. This is possible due to the use of a single burner which also acts as a thermal afterburner, combined with the roasting control system – Orchestra – able to auto-tune the heat and airflow parameters to roast high-quality coffee with limited energy consumption.

“Since Alps Coffee focuses on a sustainable coffee production chain, we profoundly believe technology is an important added value for the coffee production, especially when it has a respectful approach to the environment,” highlighted Stefan Schreyögg.

TechTaste, The Coffee Interviews, is an initiative which aims to pinpoint the benefits behind the relationship IMA establishes with its customers in the coffee industry, exploring the reasons behind the successes achieved together. Watch the Interview with Stefan Schreyögg, owner of Alps Coffee, and Michelangelo Parro, sales area manager at IMA Coffee Hub and head of product management at IMA Petroncini, here.

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