Coffee Support opens new coffee production facility

US-based Coffee Support is offering a solution for growing coffee brands wanting to maintain or improve the quality and control of their products. From sourcing to packing, Coffee Support helps keep the craft in coffee at any scale.

“Coffee Support helps brands efficiently scale their business avoiding the cost and risk of expansion by offering the first of its kind one-stop-shop,” said Jason Kyle, CEO of Coffee Support. “Our 40,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility allows detailed control from start to finish.”

Coffee Support begins with a mission-driven coffee importing division where traceable coffees from farms around the world are sourced and secured. Coffees are then roasted using environmentally friendly and ultra-consistent 70 kilogram single bag Loring roasters. Cold Brew customers enjoy brewing and canning in a climate-controlled environment using the industry’s latest brewing equipment. The one-stop-shop improves expenses, logistical issues, delivery times, and most of all quality. Gone are the days of multiple vendors needed to create and package products.

If hands-on roasting is your hurdle, you can remotely control and view the Loring roasters in real-time from your location anywhere in the world. Coffee Support says it is committed to working with brands that value quality.  An extremely clean and welcoming co-op facility approach helps to create coffees that are second to none. All services are also offered individually.


Whether businesses are looking for a 90+ point coffee or just a daily drinker, Coffee Support can source the perfect coffee by utilising its network of farm direct relationships. Clients of Coffee Support have direct access to the same relationships, adding value to the story of their coffee. Using these coffees is not a requirement. Some clients simply send coffee to be roasted and packaged. Either way, Coffee Support’s on-site green coffee storage facilities are climate controlled to ensure raw coffee is managed with care.


The Coffee Support roasting staff has years of experience and a passion for the art of coffee. Whether using the lab to create a new custom profile or using a tried and true blend, the multiple Loring S70 single bag roasters and staff will maximize quality and consistency. For clients who have exacting roast standards requiring their direct interaction during the roast process, Coffee Support offers both onsite and remote roasting interfaces. This gives roaster clients as much hands on interaction as they desire while Coffee Support does the heavy lifting.

Cold Brew 

The on-site, no expense spared Cold Brew facility is second-to-none, according to Coffee Support. The brewing process starts in a climate-controlled environment using a water purification system that produces Specialty Coffee Association standard mineralisation which is 100% microbial free. The unique pasteurisation system flash pasteurises and cools product instantaneously. Flavour and quality denigration are no longer an issue while creating products superior to many of those on the market today.


Several packing and canning formats are offered by Coffee Support. Customers with their own packaging can take advantage of storage solutions to shorten lead times and cut costs.

Coffee Support is located in Phoenix with roasting availability for new clients beginning 1 September 2021.

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