ECropOrigin launches coffee connection application

ECropOrigin founder Jean Orlowski planting coffee trees at his Kona-based coffee farm, Hala Tree, which is where TCCA was developed.

Started in the Kona region of Hawaii, ECropOrigin is a data-driven technology resource in the coffee industry. The company has recently announced a new application, The Coffee Connection Application (TCCA), which provides traceability and increases transparency to help verify authenticity throughout the coffee supply chain.

Available for mobile devices and desktop computers, TCCA tracks the entire cycle of coffee operations and production, from farming to processing to purchasing. By improving coffee farm production at the source, the application increases efficiency and provides insight into the entire process as a complete resource for capturing data to ensure quality product. TCCA also helps track the authenticity of the origin of the coffee source, including verifying organic certification and the region in which it was produced.

“TCCA is the most comprehensive application for farmers, as a key data resource while also creating essential connections in the process of moving coffee from point to point,” said Jean Orlowski, ECropOrigin founder.

“The ability to trace the process from the field all the way to the cup of coffee people are drinking, ensuring quality and authenticity, is a valuable asset to coffee production that builds trust in the industry.”

TCCA’s interface provides inventory management, reporting and accounting tools, and increases transparency and interaction to all involved in coffee production, including:

  • Farmers, who can utilise real-time dashboards to create logs and records to track all parts of farm procedures, processing, inventory and accounting, providing valuable information that can improve a farm’s bottom line; convenience of mobile application in the field. The TCCA app is free for farmers.
  • Brokers or Buyers, who can see logs created by farmers including details on picking dates, types and regions; able to purchase directly or create purchase requests through TCCA. The application automatically updates inventory availability.
  • Roasters, who can track company inventory to see availability of coffee beans by region, including type – whether cherry, parchment, or green – as well as grade and origin.
  • Consumers, who view QR codes on coffee packaging that trace the farm origin and provide historical data, including picking date or organic certification.

A screen grab of a picking log in the TCCA app.

A screen grab of work logs in the TCCA app.

For more information about ECropOrigin’s new app, visit:

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