Traditional Medicinals enters collaboration with Dave Matthews and REVERB

Traditional Medicinals, a botanical wellness company has announced a partnership with Dave Matthews Band through sponsorship of REVERB’s Eco-Village during the band’s US summer concert tour. According to the company, Dave Matthews has been using Throat Coat tea for years, as part of his throat care routine before performing. Through his connection to the Throat Coat brand and REVERB’s mission for the music community to take more environmental action, Traditional Medicinals saw a values-aligned opportunity.

“Music artists have been using Throat Coat tea for years as part of their voice care, including Dave Matthews,” said Traditional Medicinals chief marketing officer, Kristel Corson. “We found an opportunity to harness this fan base to expand the visibility for our top Throat Coat brand into new occasions. Our ‘Voices are for Using, Not Losing’ campaign celebrates expression and how our Throat Coat brand has championed voices for almost 50 years, with a soothing cup of tea or now lozenges that can be used while on-the-go.”

Traditional Medicinals’ campaign demonstrates how Throat Coat products can be used to support voices, such as at concerts or sports events. As a user of Throat Coat and with a penchant for environmental causes, Dave Matthews and Traditional Medicinals also found alignment advocating for the health of the planet.

Traditional Medicinals’ business is rooted in plants, and it’s a business imperative that the company care for the ecosystems where these plants live and thrive. Traditional Medicinals believes that everything is interconnected, which means supporting the ecosystems, farmers, and collectors who harvest and gather their herbs.

Traditional Maedicinals’ products are certified organic and use non-GMO ingredients and renewable energy, in order to uphold its so called three pillars of sustainability: environmental protection, social equity and economic viability.

Traditional Medicinals’ classic Throat Coat’s original formula launched almost 50 years ago, and since the company has been sourcing their slippery elm bark from Appalachia, where wildcrafters harvest the bark sustainably by hand to protect the trees for future generations.

As part of the REVERB Eco-Village activation, Traditional Medicinals will be donating up to $20,000 to nonprofit Appalachian Sustainable Development (ASD), which works towards building a thriving regional food and agriculture system that creates healthy communities, respects the planet, and cultivates profitable opportunities for Appalachians.

“We’re looking forward to having Traditional Medicinals as our Eco-Village partner on this year’s Dave Matthews Band tour,” said REVERB’s director of projects Lara Seaver. “Their work to support agricultural sustainability practices and the communities where they source aligns perfectly with our mission. This year’s Eco-Village will also include opportunities for fans to learn about electric vehicles, participate in research about sustainable concert travel, register to vote, and connect with The Nature Conservancy.”

The Throat Coat family includes:

  • Throat Coat Original: Sweet with a distinct liquorice taste. Organic Throat Coat tea supports mucous membrane health while creating a relaxed, healthy feeling in the throat and respiratory system.
  • Throat Coat Lemon Echinacea: Using wild liquorice from Central Asia, this formula blends marshmallow root and liquorice with echinacea.
  • Throat Coat Eucalyptus: This tea delivers throat-soothing support and respiratory wellness. Understanding that two of the most common seasonal challenges come paired together, it combines marshmallow root, slippery elm, and liquorice, with eucalyptus.
  • Throat Coat Lozenges: These provide on-the-go support when you need to soothe a sore throat or relieve a cough. Available in Eucalyptus Mint, Lemon Echinacea, and Sweet Orange Fennel.

Throat Coat Tea and Lozenges are available at retailers nationwide and online at

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