Löfbergs partners with Amcor to launch recyclable coffee packaging

Amcor, a global company developing and producing responsible packaging solutions, in collaboration with Löfbergs, a Swedish coffee roaster, have launched a mono-material coffee packaging, suited for both chemical and mechanical recycling. Löfbergs’ new coffee pouch, using Amcor’s AmPrima Recycle-Ready solution, has launched in stores in Sweden.

Amcor and Löfbergs partnered to overcome one of the key challenges facing coffee roasters – switching to easier to recycle coffee packaging, while preserving flavour and aroma – and have achieved a technical breakthrough, the companies say. The partners collaborated during the development process, testing for barrier, run speed, machine performance and recyclability in the real world.

“More sustainable packaging should not compromise on quality. This pack responds to consumer demand for packaging that is easier to recycle, while preserving coffee’s aroma at its best,” said Trevor Davis, marketing director, Amcor Flexibles EMEA. “Our AmPrima material was able to run at the same machine speeds as non-recyclable versions and has the potential to replace over 200 current non-recyclable coffee packaging specifications.”

The new pouch is recycle-ready today in most European countries, designed according to The Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging (CEFLEX) guidelines, and it is certified by the Institute cyclos-HTP for recyclability in the real world.

“This is an amazing step forward – not just for us, but for the entire coffee industry. The new pack has a 55% reduced carbon footprint compared to our previous coffee packaging.* We will keep driving initiatives like this one and invite other players, both within and outside the industry to join us, to achieve our goal of zero waste by 2030,” said Madelene Breiling, head of operational development at Löfbergs. 

This breakthrough underscores both companies’ long-term commitment to more sustainable packaging solutions. Amcor is on the path to fulfilling its pledge to develop all of its packaging to be recyclable or reusable by 2025, with 83% of its flexible packaging portfolio available in recycle-ready solutions today.

Löfbergs was one of the first European coffee producers to remove aluminium from coffee packaging 25 years ago. Continuing its journey, the company phased out large amounts of fossil-based plastic in its packaging and replaced it with bio-based alternatives in 2019, and today has moved to recycle-ready packaging.

Learn more about Löfbergs’ sustainability activities here and about Amcor’s here.*Carbon footprint comparison with Amcor’s ASSET lifecycle assessment system, certified by the Carbon Trust. Comparison based on pouch using OPP/PET-Y/PEBIO, versus the new AmPrima Recycle-Ready mono-PE pouch.


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