World of Coffee Milan Exhibitor Preview

The Specialty Coffee Association’s (SCA) World of Coffee 2022 is taking place in-person for the first time since 2019 in Italy — the birthplace of espresso. The show is being held in Milan – for the first time – 23-25 June. Below is a sampling of the many green coffee, roasting, grinding, blending, brewing, packaging, processing, and sorting suppliers that will be exhibiting their latest innovations at this year’s event.


Brambati SpA

Image: Brambati

Brambati has always invested in the development of new technologies to improve the efficiency of its plants. In the last decade Brambati has been investing in the research and development of increasingly high-performance emission abatement systems that can meet the most restrictive requirements.

In addition to the after burner system, Brambati has different types of catalytic converters, both metallic (which guarantees mechanical strength) and ceramic, to be used depending on the required abatement levels on volatile organic substances (VOS), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and aldehydes.

Thanks to what is described above, Brambati can guarantee to maintain abatement levels below even the most restrictive requirements applied in Italy, the EU and generally in more than thirty countries worldwide where these systems are in use.

Abatement efficiency levels on VOS and CO can be as high as 98 percent, while keeping NOx concentration levels below 100 mg/Ncm. This is even when roasting very dark roasting profiles (dark roast).

The catalytic plates are modular and their small size, compared to the market standard, allows for easy removal and handling of the plates.

Last, but not least, the catalytic converter is already active from 300°C, allowing the use of afterburners of reduced size and power, guaranteeing a less expensive investment and some of the lowest energy consumption levels ever.

It is also because of the emission guarantees that Brambati is actively collaborating with the most globally significant coffee companies.

Brambati SpA

Headquarters: Codevilla (PV), Italy


WOC location: H3-K12


Café de Colombia

Image: Cafe de Colombia

Café de Colombia is the brand the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) created to promote 100% washed Arabica coffees both in the industry and among consumers as a high-quality product. Since its creation, the FNC has worked as a non-profit organisation and gained global recognition as one of the largest NGOs thanks to its work representing more than 540,000 Colombia coffee growing families that produce the richest coffee in the world.

Café de Colombia

Headquarters: Bogotà, Colombia


WOC location: MS-E02



Image: Colombini

ANGEL, Giant Inside.

As per our industrial grinders, ANGEL is a high-tech product, equipped with discs in tungsten carbide (hardness: 1300 Vickers) and very high precision adjustment with resolution of two microns and digital display of discs position; due to its solidity and high precision, it can produce batches of ground coffee in continuous cycle, with a capacity of 90-120 kg/h. The duration of the discs is in order of 40-80 tons, depending on fineness of ground coffee.

ANGEL can also grind Turkish coffee, with cardamom too; in this case, the capacity is around 50 Kg/h.

The ANGEL is also useful for laboratories in order to achieve results very similar to our industrial grinders.

All the ANGEL grinders are equipped with a cooling system by ventilation.

Seven different versions can be provided, and the package vibrator will soon be available as an option. The prices of the various versions are all similar. The main difference between the grinders is the power supply because the 220 Volt single-phase version is also equipped with a variable speed drive.

The LAB and ST versions are equipped with a manual device that ensures, by means of a simple hand gesture, that the product exhaust duct remains cleaned inside every time a ground coffee package is filled.

The RTV special and RT special are equipped with an automatic cleaning system that keep the exhaust duct clean.

For more information contact [email protected] or visit our website

Colombini srl

Headquarters: Settimo Torinese (TO), Italy


WOC location: MS-F12


Lilla Roasters

Image: Lilla Roaster

With a tradition of focus on new technologies, and a commitment to serve customers’ needs, Lilla offers a wide range of roasters with different technologies.

Based on that, Lilla developed the 4G technology, for our OPUS model.

What does 4G do to roasting? It provides Absolute Heat Transfer Control.

How? The operator plots the desired bean temperature for the roast. The roaster adjusts all roasting parameters automatically to achieve the plotted bean temperature curve. The machine changes the parameters to match the desired set up, compensating for moisture and batch size variations.

The roaster automatically checks ‘Set up X versus Roasting’. If they don´t match, the roaster changes the parameters to make them to match, guaranteeing perfect roasting accuracy! So, if you want roasting consistency, 4G is the KEY!

This is only possible because any Lilla Roaster uses Full Convection Heat Transfer system, not a single percent of heat transfer used is under Conduction.

Not only that, the Lilla OPUS 4G series is also the only drum roaster in the market that has Fluidized Bed air volume capacity, meaning much more air when compared to any drum roaster available. This ensures lower losses along the roasting process.

That´s why this model is ideal for roasting companies ranging from R&G to Instant Coffee. Low roasting losses mean greater savings.

Lilla Roasters

Headquarters: São Paulo, Brazil

Email: [email protected]


WOC location: F55


Olam Specialty Coffee

Image: Olam Specialty Coffee

At this year’s World of Coffee event, Olam Specialty Coffee is celebrating the launch of their new European web shop. Roasters will have an opportunity to register for the B2B eCommerce platform and explore their full green coffee offering online. The website launched in Europe in late March but has been expertly serving coffee roasting businesses in North America for nearly 10 years.

Also new for 2022, Olam Specialty Coffee is joined by innovative producers from Colombia, El Salvador and India to showcase their top lots of the season, alongside the team’s seasonal highlights from East Africa and Central America.

With import offices in Europe and the USA and sourcing teams on the ground in a multitude of coffee origins, Olam Specialty Coffee is a truly global collective which seeks to connect roasters with exceptional green coffees from around the world. Their team is brought together by a love of good coffee and a desire to create shared growth throughout the coffee value chain in a measurable, sustainable way.

Olam Specialty Coffee Europe

Headquarters: Liverpool, England

UK Website:

EU Website:

WOC location: R49


Toper Roasters

Image: Toper Roaster

The most important problem of the world is climate change. As the Toper team, we attach great importance to this issue. We want to offer a cleaner world to future generations.

We know that the sensitivity of our customers around the world is in this direction. That’s why we produced our new machine, Cafemino Bio. The feature of Cafemino Bio is that it is designed to require zero emissions, environmentally friendly and low energy requirements. Together with our new generation systems, we offer our customers a more reliable and cleaner world. In addition, our Cafemino Bio coffee roasting machine, with its fully automatic system, offers ease of use to customers.

As the Toper team, our priority in our new generation coffee roasting machines will be both easy use for our customers and protecting our world.


Toper Roasters

Headquarters: Izmir, Turkey


Email: [email protected]

WOC location: H3-K04

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