THAC encourages smart boiling this Earth Day

New research conducted by the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada (THAC), shows that we can all play a role in reducing our impact on the environment, even while drinking a cup of tea.

The average Canadian boils twice the amount of water needed for a single cup of tea and the impact on the environment is not small. Research conducted by THAC with Carbon Intelligence showed that by boiling just what you need, Canadians could cut total annual carbon emissions by 83 tons per day. With an average of 22,000,000 cups of tea consumed daily in Canada, that equals 582,954 kWh of wasted energy.

“The reality of climate change is very present in the lives of Canadians. We’ve seen the impact firsthand with floods and wildfires. What was the need for climate change has now become a full blow climate emergency and we all need to step up and do our part. The Smart Boil campaign is our way to show Canadians that even small changes matter,” says Shabnam Weber, president of THAC.

The Smart Boil initiative has been launched by THAC to show Canadians that boiling just enough water for their favourite cup of tea, can have a real impact on the environment. “Every tea drinker can be a part of the Canadian government’s goal to reach net zero by 2050,” Weber says.

SMART BOIL FACTS: Canadians drink an average of 22,000,000 cups of tea per day. By boiling just what you need, it would save:

  • 582,954 kWh of energy per day
  • $104,349 in energy bills per day
  • 83 tCO2e in greenhouse gas emissions per day

That’s the equivalent of:  

  • 10,493 propane cylinders used for a home barbecue
  • 335,701 km driven in an average passenger car
  • 291,477 dishwasher loads every day

What can you do, according to THAC: 

  • Help to spread the word by sharing the information on social media using #SmartBoil #JustWhatYouNeed.
  • Cycle, walk or take public transit over driving when you can.
  • Eat seasonally and locally.
  • Get a home energy audit and make your home more efficient.

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