Health-Ade launches new Berry Lemonade kombucha flavour

Kombucha brand Health-Ade has announced a classic new flavour to its offerings in the US in the form of Berry Lemonade Health-Ade Kombucha.

Continuing its push for tasty and fun beverage reverie, Health-Ade has created a new summer-inspired brew that is flavoured with organic, cold-pressed blueberries and raspberries and infused with ice cold lemonade to offer a thirst-quenching kombucha. Health-Ade hopes its Berry Lemonade inspires nostalgia that harkens back to long summer days and ‘all the things that make the season so special’: rocket pops, roadside stands, and fresh-picked berries.

“Nothing says summer quite like lemonade which is why we are excited to add Berry Lemonade to our delicious offerings,” says Daina Trout, co-founder and chief mission officer of Health-Ade.

“Lemonade is consistently a flavour that our consumers ask us to create. When we make the decision to add something new to our product assortment, we want to make sure we will not only create a delicious new kombucha that Health-Ade fans have come to expect but that we can also look to reach new audiences that might not know what kombucha is or think it is not for them. With a tasty and familiar flavour such as Berry Lemonade, we know that both current and new fans will be delighted.”

Health-Ade’s Berry Lemonade Kombucha enjoyed a sneak peek at Expo West, the world’s largest natural foods show, where it was sampled to thousands and instantly became a fan favourite, according to the brand. Consumer sampling of the new flavour will be kicking off with the return of the US Coachella music festival and continuing through the summer months at cultural events and festivals across the country.

The return to consumer sampling events is part of Health-Ade’s dedication to raise awareness about the importance of gut health to a broad audience. The gut does a whole lot more than digest; it also plays a huge role in managing stress, immunity, skin, energy, mood and feelings. Consumers are certainly interested in gut health as the search term has seen a 600% increase in search volume in recent years (Google Trends, 2016-2021). By adding new and approachable flavours to the Health-Ade offering and showing up at cultural happenings, the brand says it hopes to make probiotic foods and gut health education accessible to more people.

Health-Ade recently introduced Pineapple Creamsicle as part of its seasonal SKUs and now Berry Lemonade will be part of its permanent flavour offerings. The new flavour will be available in March nationwide in retailers such as Whole Foods Market, Target and Kroger and available on its ecommerce platform.

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