Cambio Roasters presents recyclable coffee pods

US-based Cambio Roasters has launched its new gourmet 100% Arabica coffee in fully recyclable coffee pods/K-cups. 33.5 million US homes have a Keurig brewer, and many consumers would reportedly love their brewer more if their K-cup were Earth-friendly. Cambio Roasters’ coffee pods meet that need as the pods are easy to recycle and are fully compatible with the Keurig brewer.

Cambio starts by small-batch roasting its coffee beans in California by its 5th generation Roast Master. “Our coffee is packed in patented pods, with 34% better extraction, a superior filter design, and fluted to create a better taste in each cup,” explained Ann Hutson, co-founder of Cambio Roasters. “The pods are completely recyclable and have unique, easy-peel lids with a tab that makes recycling even easier.”

Cambio Roasters is founded by business and life partners Kevin Hartley and Ann Hutson. Hartley brings coffee-related experience to Cambio from his prior role as chief innovation officer at Keurig Green Mountain. He oversaw the design and development of the new best-selling Keurig brewers, invented Keurig Cold and Keurig Connect and led hundreds of other strategic initiatives. Hutson built her career in communications across several different industries. At Cambio, she manages relationships —including the direct-to-consumer business and relationships with retailers and wholesalers.

“Creating a company that aligned with our values was important to us as we thought about producing a coffee pod. Just about anyone can roast coffee. But to roast great coffee that consumers can make at home with brewers they already have, AND it does good for the Earth and people? I am all in for that,” exclaimed Kevin Hartley, co-founder of Cambio Roasters. “Twenty-one per cent of households that use K-Cups, or 6.7 million households, wish there was a purpose-driven K-Cup brand. Consumers can feel good about using Cambio Roasters pods in their Keurig. Not only will consumers get a great cup of coffee, but they will also be able to easily recycle the Cambio Roasters pod, compost the container it all came in, and know that their purchase is helping coffee farming families.”

Cambio Roasters K-Cups are available in eight flavours, including Special Dark, French Roast, Sumatran, Colombian, House Blend, Donut Blend, Hazelnut, and Decaf, as well as a Variety Pack of all eight flavours. Cambio Roasters gives back 20% of profits to coffee-farming families through its relationship with Food 4 Farmers. For more information, visit:

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