Port of Mokha introduces recyclable single-use pour over pouches

Port of Mokha, a coffee company from Yemen, has just launched premium-quality single-serve pour overs designed for those who want a perfect cup of coffee on the go. All that is required is a Port of Mokha pour over pouch, hot water, and a mug.

With a cult following, Port of Mokha coffee has been revered around the world for its flavours — which the company says are incomparable to anything served in coffee houses in the US — unless you happened to enjoy Port of Mokha’s limited edition releases at Elite Roasters that include the likes of Intelligentsia, George Howell, and Blue Bottle Coffee.

Port of Mokha coffee from Yemen was originally introduced to the specialty coffee market to be prepared via the pour over, a barista favourite brew method that allows for subtle flavour notes and more complexity to be tasted in the coffee.

The pour over brewing method requires a bit of time investment and equipment. It requires users to grind the beans, measure the coffee on a scale, and do a drip pour through grinds in a filter. But now that coffee lovers are back on the go, commuting to the office, traveling, and even camping and exploring the great outdoors, Port of Mokha decided to bring specialty coffee to the masses through an innovative recyclable paper pour over pouch that allows users to enjoy the complex flavours of the pour over method while only requiring a mug and hot water. This unique single-use pouch is an environmentally friendly choice compared to single-use plastic K-cup coffee pods.

“My vision has always been to make an insanely great cup of coffee more accessible,” notes Mohktar Alkhanshali, Port of Mokha’s founder. “I’ve been able to resurrect the coffee industry in Yemen for import to the US and internationally, and now I want more people to enjoy it. For those who don’t have the time or equipment to brew the pour over method, they can still enjoy our incredible coffee on the go with our new single serve pour over pouches.”

A box of five Port of Mokha single serve pour-over pouches sells for $24. For additional information, visit: PortofMohka.com or via Amazon.

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