SCA announces second Coffee Retail Summit

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) has announced the second Coffee Retail Summit.

Following the success of the first Coffee Retail Summit, the SCA says it is excited to announce the second virtual event of its kind, continuing a line of retailer-focused programming designed to build on the pre-existing content platform and support the ongoing resource library for retail businesses. The free-to-attend summit has been made possible by the support of the SCA’s key partners and will take place on 22-23 June 2021 in the Central European Summer Time (CEST) time zone.

Over a two-day period, the SCA will host a number of live lectures and discussions focused on mitigating the effects of the pandemic-induced retail landscape and overcoming existing challenges faced by coffee retail businesses. Talks and discussions will draw on community feedback to cover both commercial insights and the latest market research, aiming to deliver up-to-date information for coffee retailers.

In combination with the free-to-attend two-day event, the Coffee Retail Summit resource library has been updated with the most recent Coffee Retail Summit presentations, as well as any recently-released content, across lectures, podcasts and longform writing centered on the issues and challenges being met by coffee retail business and the wider specialty coffee community.

“The launch of the second Coffee Retail Summit serves as another exciting opportunity for us to build on feedback from the specialty coffee business community and continue developing a valuable resource for retail, in light of the ever-changing landscape caused by the pandemic”, comments the SCA’s chief executive officer, Yannis Apostolopoulos. “New challenges for retail business are emerging on a near-weekly basis, and continuing to facilitate open access to knowledge and resources for the global specialty coffee community remains a central focus for the SCA.”

This second iteration of Coffee Retail Summit’s virtual event and the continuing availability of its associated resource library has been made possible with the support of like-minded partners (including this iteration’s Title Partner, BWT water+more), who recognize challenges faced by coffee retailers in seeking to navigate the uncertainty of a mid-pandemic trading landscape.

“We’re delighted to support this event and the associated resource library in ensuring continued access to resources and information for the global community of coffee retailers” says Dr Frank Neuhausen, managing director at BWT water+more. “The coffee retail community continues to face numerous challenges, and we’re pleased to be supporting the ongoing growth of the platform as a valued resource for retail professionals, amidst the uncertainty of the current climate.”

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