Dunkin’ continues commitments to coffee sustainability in 2021

A significant part of Dunkin’s coffee leadership has been built upon a deep commitment to sustainability, protecting the coffee it sources and the coffee farmers it depends on. The company has recently shared some of the latest ways it is continuing its commitment to coffee sustainability in 2021, furthering ongoing efforts to make a meaningful difference in the lives and livelihoods of coffee farmers and producers, while enhancing coffee-growing regions throughout the world for generations to come.

To kick off the year, Dunkin’ has donated $380,000 to several important and inspiring organisations with missions focused on coffee sustainability, including:

One Tree Planted: Dunkin’ has teamed up with One Tree Planted, an environmental non-profit that’s helping the environment by planting trees in countries around the world.

Through a $200,000 donation from Dunkin’, by the end of 2021, One Tree Planted will plant a total of 200,000 trees throughout Honduras and Guatemala, including areas that are essential to regional environmental stability, increased rural farmer productivity, and the livelihoods of thousands of people. This tree-planting programme will create significant benefits to these regions, according to Dunkin’, including improving air and water quality, improving soil health, increasing wildlife biodiversity, and providing jobs in local communities.

Sustainable Coffee Challenge: Since 2018, Dunkin’ has been part of The Sustainable Coffee Challenge, a collaborative effort led by Conservation International, of companies, governments, NGOs, research institutions, and others, aligned around a common goal of transitioning the coffee sector to be fully sustainable. For 2021, Dunkin’ has committed $110,000 to become a premier-level sponsor of The Sustainable Coffee Challenge, continuing its work within the organisation to make coffee the world’s first fully sustainable agricultural product.

Dunkin’ is also making a $10,000 donation to the Sustainable Coffee Challenge’s Labor Action Network Initiative in Brazil. Funding supports Rainforest Alliance’s efforts to build the capacity of auditors and technical support teams in Brazil to ensure timely identification of any social violations.

Dunkin’s sustainability manager, Danielle Wood, has recently been appointed as one of the youngest-ever members of the Sustainable Coffee Challenge Advisory Council.

Disaster Relief Efforts in Nicaragua and Honduras: Following the recent devastation of Hurricanes Eta and Iota in Nicaragua and Honduras, Dunkin’ is supporting these vital coffee-growing countries with two donations.

The company has provided $10,000 to Seeds for Progress Foundation, a nonprofit organisation that contributes to the social development and sustainable economic growth of Nicaraguan rural communities. These funds will be allocated to a Hurricane relief fund championed by Mercon Coffee Group to assist coffee-growing communities that were severely affected by Hurricanes Eta and Iota.

Dunkin’ is also donating $10,000 to World Vision, a humanitarian and emergency relief organisation helping vulnerable children, families, and their communities overcome poverty and injustice.

Partnership for Gender Equity’s Virtual Learning Journey: Finally, Dunkin’ is allocating $40,000 toward providing its coffee suppliers in Guatemala and Colombia with The Partnership for Gender Equity’s Virtual Learning Journey. This unique online workshop series helps advance gender equity by providing 10 producer organisations with a better understanding of gendered challenges and opportunities, and identifying areas of opportunity for targeted action plans and solutions.

Dunkin’ says it will continue to work toward responsible coffee sourcing, transparency, and conservation, and will provide updates on its efforts throughout the year.

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