Ringtons and Infusion GB back new UK herbal tea brand

A group of UK, York-based FMCG players has announced the launch of a brand-new functional herbal tea brand, Beau-T-Full Minds, combining the skills and experience of leading tea company Ringtons.

Family-run tea company Ringtons, along with its supply chain partner Infusion GB, one of the leading herbal tea packing manufacturers in UK, has decided to work with Beau-T-Full Minds after spotting a gap in the herbal tea market.

Beau-T-Full Minds, which launches in April 2021, has set its sights on establishing itself as a clear alternative in the herbal tea category, with five ‘better for you’ herbal teas and four coffees, all focusing on mental wellbeing.

Founders include sales director Charlie Simpson-Daniel, a serial entrepreneur who founded meat snack brand, Kings Elite Snack, which was sold to venture capitalists back in 2018 in a £20m+ transaction; York based Entrepreneur and managing director at Beau-T-Full Minds, Tom Riddolls; former England rugby player James Simpson-Daniel; actor James Phelps, best known for his role in Harry Potter movies where he played one of the Weasley twins; International rugby coach, Ben Ryan who coached Fiji to their first ever Gold Medal at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics; former technical director at Baxters Soup, Roland Froebel, along with Ringtons and Infusion GB.

The range will launch with flavours such as Wide Awake Herbal Tea; Deep Sleep Herbal Tea; CBD Herbal Tea; Probotic Herbal Tea and Immunity-Herbal Teas plus coffees Manuka Honey; CBD Coffee; Lions Mane Coffee and Probiotic Coffee, all of which include active ingredients and herbal adaptogens to support all-round cognitive health.

Product ingredients include Bluenesse, an exclusive lemon balm extract that improves mood as well as encouraging relaxation; CBD oil, known for reducing stress and anxiety; plus Probiotic ingredients that improve more than just gut health, with the gut and brain connected through a partnership called gut-brain axis. Additionally, Beau-T-Full Minds’ Vitamin D Infused Tea helps improve energy and mood plus boost levels amongst those Vitamin D-deficient.

Tom Riddolls, managing director at Beau-T-Full Minds, said: “We shared our vision for Beau-T-Full Minds after working with Ringtons and Infusion GB as part of the manufacturing supply chain and it soon became very clear they shared our passion and drive for a functional tea which encourages mental wellbeing, even more so during the pandemic and post Covid-19. This shared passion resulted in the agreement to go on an incredible journey together. The brand is 100% plant based plus 1p from every teabag sold will be donated to mental wellbeing charities, our aim to make the world a more beautiful place.”

Charlie Simpson-Daniel, sales director and serial entrepreneur, said: “I have founded a number of brands which launched into major retail. Beau-T-Full Minds, at the beginning of its journey, is hands down the brand most well equipped to add value to its target category. The hot beverage category in major retail is one that is dominated by brand leaders trading across all the major retailers and not necessarily offering retailers and consumers significant points of difference. We intend to do this not just through our unique proposition but by making exclusive supply offers to Tesco’s and Sainsburys on the Beau-T-Full Minds brand. We have chosen to target these retailers specifically out of the big six because we feel they are the most innovative pioneers of new brands and concepts which drive the market forward with new and better propositions. If Cadburys, Walkers Crisps, Brewdog or any other iconic brand were founded in 2021, with absolute certainty the shelf you would see them on first would be a Tesco or Sainsburys shelf. This is why they are our target partners who we would consider it an honour to do business with exclusively in major retail.”

Ringtons and Infusion GB added: “We’re delighted to have teamed up with Charlie, Tom and their entrepreneurial team to develop the Beau-T-Minds functional herbal tea brand. We believe our combined skills covering innovation, production, sales and marketing as well as determination gives us the best opportunity to be successful in this market.”

For more information about Beau-T-Full Minds, visit: www.beautfullminds.com.

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