Lavazza launches “Good Morning Humanity” communication campaign

Lavazza has released a new global communication campaign entitled “Good Morning Humanity”, which takes the following narrative approach:

“A new world is waiting for us on the horizon, ready to welcome in a rediscovered humanity that looks to the future with a positive attitude by redefining the relationship between individual and collective.”

Developed by advertising agency Armando Testa, the campaign promotes the new values rediscovered by Lavazza and expressed by Charlie Chaplin in his famous Message to Humanity from the 1940 film “The Great Dictator”, which Lavazza says maintains relevance even after eighty years.

Carlo Colpo, group marketing communication director and brand home director at Lavazza, said: “We want to speak to people’s hearts with a positive message from the past.

“Lavazza takes a stand and decides to go beyond the role assigned to brand communication, making a powerful appeal to reawaken individual sensibilities. This is the good morning ushered in by a “new humanity”, for which progress, sustainability and tolerance are the foundations of our next renaissance.”

#TheNewHumanity is the concept that will provide inspiration going forward for multiple Lavazza projects, including its new 2021 Calendar, working in a direction that is consistent and integrated with the brand’s communication.

The soundtrack for the campaign, which also features historic images by Steve McCurry, Dennis Stock and Jerome Sessini from Magnum Photos, is “Rain, in your black eyes” by Italian musical talent Ezio Bosso.

Lavazza’s commercial will be online and on air on Italy’s main TV stations from 1 May and then extended to include other markets. To view it, click here.

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