Davison’s Organic Teas adds a dozen new blends

Davidson’s Organic Teas has added 12 new tea blends to its product line of over 300 varieties.

New products include four Chinese tea blends, Children’s Tea, Tulsi Turmeric Ginger, Citrus Cool Mint, two Earl Grey blends and three Cacao varieties.

The new range

The four new Chinese Teas capture the purity and earthiness of traditional Chinese tea gardens. Chun Mee Green, from the Jiangxi Province, is known for its eyebrow-like shape and acidic flavor. Imperial Yellow, from the Yunnan Province, balances the flavors of green and black tea resulting in a fresh, mellow, earthy flavor profile. Moonlight White, also from the Yunnan Province, is a white tea characterized by its curved, moon-like buds and carries a creamy, sweet flavor profile. Jade Oolong, from AnXi County in China’s southern Fujian province, is known for its delicate flavor with a floral finish.

Children’s Tea is an herbal, caffeine-free blend of rosy color and fruity essence. The tea is enhanced with organic dried honey crystals.

Citrus Cool Mint, employs floral and mint accents for a refreshing spring beverage. Tulsi Turmeric Ginger, is a natural mood-booster that helps reduce stress and anxiety, while the antioxidant-rich and natural anti-inflammatory turmeric spice helps support wellness.

“We’re in the season of rebirth, renewal and growth, and we want to provide a natural, refreshing way to bring balance into the everyday lifestyle,” said Davidson’s owner Kunall Patel.

This summer, Davidson’s also introduces Earl Grey Cream and Earl Grey Rose blends, lending a twist on a classic English beverage. Earl Grey Cream adds a hint of vanilla to the black and citrus-infused tea, resulting in a sweet and calming flavor; while Earl Grey Rose provides a fragrant and sophisticated flavor.

Davidson’s new Cacao Teas (released in October 2019) include rose, peppermint and vanilla varieties. Derived from the cacao bean, the new blends provide beneficial antioxidants without unhealthy additives.

Davidson’s Organics is a vertically integrated organic tea company that blends, packages and distributes all products internationally from its facility in Sparks, Nevada.


Davidson’s is also looking to bring consumers on a #LeafToCup journey from family-owned tea farms in India, to its vertically integrated production headquarters in northern Nevada.

“We wanted to showcase how special the #LeafToCup process is, and bring our customers on a global tea journey,” said Patel. “It’s important to connect ancient tradition to western trends, highlighting the history, culture and passion behind every cup.”

Customers can view short, educational videos and photos of the #LeafToCup process by following @davidsonsteas on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Patel interviews international tea farmers from the world’s most prominent tea-growing regions, discusses the importance of organic and fair-trade practices and how the blending and production process works.

About Davidson’s Organics

Davidson’s organic teas are USDA Organic Certified, as well as Fair Trade Certified, and are therefore free of pesticides, dairy, GMOs and other non-permitted ingredients. Davidson’s has been committed to providing the freshest, purest teas for over forty years. Direct from family-owned tea gardens in India to their facility in Nevada, Davidson’s offers a wide variety of blends and traditional teas in tea bags, loose leaf and iced tea formats. Davidson’s is proud to share the benefit of drinking pure, organic teas from their own family tea gardens exclusively with the United States. Visit davidsonstea.com for more information about specialty teas, gifts and accessories.

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  1. Mathew Connor says:

    Hi, i have been reading about different kinds of tea’s, green, black and red tea’s.

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    • Katherine Skeates says:

      Hi there! Thanks for getting in touch. Tea preferences are so personal, so I would recommend trying lots of different ones to find one that works for you – black, green, red or even white! Kind regards, Kat – digital editor

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    Organic India Green Tea contains natural herbs which are good for health. Clinical studies show that both herbs & Green Tea promote healthy metabolism which is vital to weight management. Both offer a vast array of remarkable health benefits including an abundance of antioxidants which eliminate damaging free radicals in the body.

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