Celebrating Cupid with coffee & chocolate

Valentine’s Day is this weekend, and although it is another holiday affected by Covid, it’s actually one that many (both couples and singles) might enjoy spending at home. And, curiously, it appears that along with chocolate, coffee is top of mind with those celebrating the “love holiday.” (That sounds much kinkier than I intended!)

Research from UK-based Costa Coffee revealed that small, everyday gestures have become more important to a quarter of the country’s consumers during the pandemic, while a further 40% are looking forward to staying home this Valentine’s to cook for a loved one. When it comes to the five most authentic ways Brits show love, Costa’s research found that bringing a loved one coffee in bed topped the list and buying chocolate ranked third:

  1. Bringing a loved one coffee in bed
  2. Cooking their partner’s favourite meal
  3. Buying their partner’s favourite chocolate bar or sweet treat
  4. Doing the washing up
  5. Letting their partner have a lie in

After reading #5, I thought the survey was a bit cheeky – but fun, of course – only to learn that “have a lie in” is simply “sleeping in!” (Pardon my bawdy mind…)

Melitta has also recognised that more couples will be celebrating Valentine’s Day at home this year and has suggested the theme “Coffee & Chocolate” for those coffee fanatics. Dan Pabst, one of Melitta’s coffee experts, offered five different chocolate and coffee pairings for couples – or those hosting virtual Galentine’s or friend Zoom calls – to try this weekend:

Milk Chocolate

  • Coffee Recommendation: European Roast
  • Pairing Notes: “The rich and bold notes of dark roast complement the creamier flavour notes of milk chocolate. Instead of adding milk to your dark roast, just enjoy some milk chocolate on the side.”

Dark Chocolate

  • Coffee Recommendation: Classic Roast
  • Pairing Notes: “I love a great, bitter dark chocolate so we are going to let it shine and choose more mild, medium coffee that allows the chocolate to take center stage!”

White Chocolate

  • Coffee Recommendation: Hazelnut Crème
  • Pairing Notes: “If you like white chocolate, you probably will love flavoured coffee!”

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

  • Coffee Recommendation: European Roast
  • Pairing Notes: Rich flavours of the European roast balance and complement the sweet, juicy strawberry.

Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

  • Coffee Recommendation: Colombia
  • Pairing Notes: It’s all about sweet and salty! The saltiness of the pretzel will enhance the pronounced sweetness of a quintessential Colombian coffee.

So whether you like dark, milk or white chocolate, a dark roast, classic roast or flavoured coffee, happy pairing!

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