WOC Copenhagen exhibitor preview

This year’s European installment of the Specialty Coffee Association’s (SCA) World of Coffee event is taking place in Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen, 27-29 June 2024 at the Bella Center. Tea & Coffee Trade Journal will be in attendance; visit us at booth DC-019.

Here is a preview of some of the companies exhibiting:


AluSense logo

At this year’s World of Coffee event in Copenhagen, AluSense is introducing its newest innovation, BioSense: Nespresso-compatible home compostable capsules.

100% Bio-Based Capsules

With the largest production capacity in empty compatible aluminium capsules, AluSense products are sold in over 80 countries worldwide. AluSense offers the first capsule consisting of 80% recycled aluminium and CO2-neutral accreditation, ensuring zero impact on the environment.

With over ten years of experience in optimising aluminium mono-material capsules and being the first to launch Nespresso-compatible capsules, AluSense has now taken on the challenge of introducing the best 100% bio-based and home compostable coffee capsule to the market.

Why Choose BioSense Home Compostable Coffee Capsules?

The unique mono-body design and custom dome shape enable packing over 20% more coffee into each capsule, the highest volume in the home compostable market. Additionally, the capsules provide superior protection against oxygen and moisture, ensuring optimal preservation of customers’ coffee’s flavour. Simplicity, Quality, and Efficiency are the three key pillars of AluSense’s design philosophy. Through this approach, it achieves excellence, not only in the cup but also for the environment. Customers can choose from six unique colours, or customise their capsules with an embossed logo and/or a PMS color of their choice.


BioSense home compostable coffee capsules are 100% made from second-generation end-use bio-based materials. No PLA, plastic, oil, bisphenol A, or fossil fuels are used.

Thanks to their composition, AluSense’s capsules are fully compostable, as demonstrated by its OK compost HOME certification. BioSense holds certifications from Hansecontrol, SGS, TUV, ISSC, and CO2 Neutral.

Want to show your love for the environment without compromising on the quality of your coffee? Visit AluSense at World of Coffee Copenhagen in Hall C, Booth CB-002, or contact them for more information via [email protected].

*AluSense is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by Nespresso.

AluSense BioSense

AluSense HQ
Technologielaan 7A
1840 Londerzeel
Web: alu-sense.com/biosense
Email: [email protected]
Tel : +32 (0)51 47 06 70
WOC Copenhagen Booth: CB-002 in hall C



Brambati logo

We will be present at the next World of Coffee Copenhagen, 27-29 June 2024 at Bella Center.

Our sales team will be available to supply all the needed info in relation to our complete processing installation for coffee, including roasters and roller grinders. The range of our machinery allows us to respond to a wide variety of needs, from the specialty to the industrial realties. The new generation of machinery are developed in accordance with the paradigm I5.0, a new challenge for a sustainable economy. We choose to be kind with our planet.

Brambati machinery

Brambati Spa
Via Strada Nuova 37
27050 – Codevilla (PV) Italy
Web: www.brambati.it
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +39 0383 373100
WOC Copenhagen Booth: CF-008



Colombini logo


As per our industrial grinders, ANGEL is a high-tech product, equipped with discs in tungsten carbide (hardness: 1300 Vickers) and very high precision adjustment with resolution of 2 microns and digital display of discs position. Due to its solidity and high precision, it can produce batches of ground coffee in continuous cycle, with a capacity of 90-120 kg/h. The duration of the discs is in order of 40-80 tons, depending on fineness of ground coffee.

ANGEL can also grind Turkish coffee, with cardamom too; in this case, the capacity is around 50 Kg/h.

It is very useful for laboratories, in order to repeat very similar results of Colombini’s industrial grinders.

All the ANGELs are equipped with a cooling system by ventilation and inverter to adjust the RPM of the discs.

Five different versions can be provided and the prices are all similar.

The LAB and ST.V versions are equipped with a manual device that ensures, by means of a simple hand gesture, that the discharge duct remains cleaned inside every time a ground coffee package is filled.

The RTM.V and the RTM.V4 are equipped with an automatic cleaning system of the exhaust duct, very helpful when working in continuous cycle for several minutes/hours.

For more information contact [email protected] or visit our website www.colombini.srl

You can also find us at WOC Copenhagen from 27- 29 June at Booth ED-001.

Colombini Angel Grigia Tubo

Settimo Torinese (TO), Italy
Web: colombini.srl
Email: [email protected]
WOC Copenhagen Booth: ED-001


Ima Coffee

IMA Coffee logo

The IMA Coffee Hub is on show at World of Coffee Copenhagen.

Visit IMA Coffee Hub at World of Coffee in Copenhagen, booth ED-005 from 27 – 29 June, and learn more about our technologies and innovations covering every stage of coffee processing or packaging. Explore our latest projects aimed at developing environmentally friendly solutions for the coffee industry, as part of the IMA ZERO corporate sustainability project and with the support of IMA OPENLab. Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss with our experts the full range of solutions dedicated to the coffee market and find out how they can improve your business through a tangible experience on coffee processing and packaging at the IMA Coffee Lab.

IMA Coffee Hub strives to answer the needs of the global coffee industry and engineer quality solutions to enhance the performance of its customers. To meet the needs of a rapidly evolving market, IMA Coffee Hub covers all aspects of the processing and packaging processes, from consultancy and design to production planning and turnkey solutions.

At the core of Hub’s offerings are traditional roasters handling batches from 5 to 400 kg as well as modular solutions with external heat generation unit and roasting air recovery roasting up to 720 kg per cycle. A host of flexible degassing systems for large or small production volumes ensures consistently reproducible quality of ground coffee. Vertical and single-serve filling and sealing equipment, along with complete line for secondary and end-of-line packaging, complete the IMA Coffee offer, responding to market demands with high, medium, and small production capacity solutions, guaranteeing top performance and efficiency. Thanks to Hub’s dualism, process and packaging travel on the same track, resulting in being able to offer the customer a turnkey solution, as well as an in-depth knowledge of a coffee product, from the green bean to the single-serve packs.

During the last years, IMA Coffee has strengthened its commitment to reduce the environmental impact along the coffee production chain in collaboration with OPENLab, IMA Group’s network of technological laboratories and testing areas dedicated to research on sustainable materials, technologies, and production optimisation processes.

Furthermore, IMA Group has recently consolidated its leading role within the coffee industry by opening the IMA Coffee LAB at its facilities located at IMA Petroncini headquarters in northern Italy. A unique centre, open to all customers and coffee processing companies seeking professional advice and innovative solutions, IMA Coffee LAB houses a fully functioning pilot plant covering all handling, processing and packaging stages. Customers are invited to come and test their own coffee at any step of the process or run a complete processing and packaging test through the pilot plant.

Meet IMA Coffee Hub experts at World of Coffee Copenhagen, booth ED-005.

Via Emilia Levante 428-442
Ozzano Emilia, 40064 (Bologna) Italy
Web: www.ima.it/coffee
Email: [email protected]
WOC Copenhagen Booth: ED-005

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