Peet’s Coffee launches spring menu

Spring has sprung! Temperatures are on the rise, clocks are jumping an hour forward, and Peet’s Coffee is dropping its new Spring Menu plus an exciting giveaway. Embracing the fresh, vibrant energy of the season, the craft coffee icon will have coffee lovers buzzing.

New-for-spring Honey Almond Latte with Almond Milk will be taking a star turn. Think sweet and nutty flavours all in one. For matcha lovers, Peet’s is also debuting a Honey Almond Matcha Latte with Almond Milk. Plus almond meets cold brew in Peet’s new Almond Cold Brew Oat Latte.

“After a winter that never seemed to end, who isn’t ready for a little spring in their coffee,” said Jessica Buttimer, VP of Brand at Peet’s Coffee. “At Peet’s, we are coffee for coffee people whatever the season, and with coffee-forward blends and flavours that are irresistibly good; we’re excited to bring this lineup of new menu delights into the world.”

Spring Menu Selects:

  • Honey Almond Latte with Almond Milk: The Honey Almond Latte with Almond Milk infuses sweet and nutty flavours into rich Peet’s Espresso Forte and almond milk. Available hot or iced.
  • Honey Almond Matcha Latte with Almond Milk: Ceremonial grade matcha is steamed with almond milk before it’s infused with honey and almond flavoured syrups: a matcha lover’s dream. Available hot or iced.
  • Almond Cold Brew Oat Latte: Velvety oat milk is frothed to perfection and infused with nutty almond flavoured syrup before being layered with double strength Cold Brew. Available iced.
  • Anniversary Blend: Rich chocolate notes and plush texture from Colombia meet Burundi’s juicy pomegranate and floral aromatics for a cup that’s fruit-forward with a velvety finish.

And thinking of everything, Peet’s is bringing an LTO Honey Almond Blend to grocery stores nationwide and to, which is available in 10 oz ground bags and 10ct K-Cups. The naturally flavoured single-origin Brazil coffee boasts notes of honey and toasted almond, and finishes off with a velvety indulgence, so you can brew like a barista at home.

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