Peet’s Coffee launches Winter Beverage menu

Peet’s Coffee launched its Winter Beverage menu on 3 January, which included the return of the Golden Caffè Latte, a combination of Espresso Forté with steamed milk and a syrup with notes of honey, turmeric and ginger. Peet’s also announced that this fan favourite will become a permanent fixture on the menu, even when the season wraps. Price points for the Golden Caffe Latte range from USD $5.20-6.30.

Also making its return to Peet’s Winter Menu is the Ethiopian Super Natural. For the last 20 years, this blend has become a staple on the brand’s coffee-first seasonal menu and is known for distinctive notes of wild blueberries and white flower that are balanced with a candied citron sweetness. The Ethiopian Super Natural is offered only as bagged coffee for purchase in-store or online. The blend is also displayed as whole bean, but can be ground to the customer’s preference upon purchase. The Ethiopian Super Natural is available for $22.95/lb.

Peet’s Coffee Winter Beverage menu includes:

  •  Espresso: A single shot of Espresso Forté delivers rich layers of flavor and perfect crema. Opening notes of hazelnut are followed by notes of caramel and citrus zest.
  • Traditional Cappuccino: A single shot of Espresso Forté gets a refreshing dose of microfoam for the perfect espresso to milk proportion—all served in a 6 oz. cup.
  • Caffè Macchiato: Simply satisfying, our Caffè Macchiato features a ristretto (short shot) marked with a dash of perfectly steamed milk and foam.
  • Golden Caffè Latte: Our Golden Caffè Latte pairs Espresso Forté with perfectly steamed milk and a syrup with notes of turmeric, honey, and ginger.
  • Caffè Cortado: Invented in Spain, “Cortado” means “cut” in Spanish. Here at Peet’s, we cut a shot of bold espresso with an equal amount of velvety steamed milk.

The Winter Menu offerings will be available beginning 3 January 3 at local Peet’s Coffee stores.

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