Nepal Tea Collective relaunches its Rose Label Reserve

Nepal Tea Collective has announced the re-launch of the limited-edition Rose Label Reserve. Hand-plucked and handcrafted from rare cultivars, this whole leaf luxury black tea boasts a pronounced and surprising fragrance and flavour of rose, with hints of camphor and rich honey.

Top Notes: Roses and camphor
Middle Notes: Sweet eucalyptus, layered with honey and brown sugar
Bottom Notes: Citrus and sweet mint.

Even among the unique flavours of Nepali black teas, the Rose Label Reserve stands apart. Earning its luxury status with its rich and complex flavours, says the company, this tea also comes with a prestigious history and a unique story of discovery.

The rare Bannockburn-157 cultivar from which this tea was hand-plucked has a prestigious history in Nepal. This special cultivar was gifted to a Nepali king decades ago and carefully reared on tea gardens in Eastern Nepal. However, it was the work of a young tea maker, who was only 19-years-old at the time, Nikesh Gurung’s experimental crafting process that highlighted the complex rose notes in these tea leaves.

For this year’s harvest of the Rose Label Reserve, the Bannockburn-157 cultivar, along with several other Wild Assamica cultivars growing in Eastern Nepal, were sequestered and carefully reared and hand-plucked during the summer months. The dry leaves, black with a red-tint, exude a delicate fragrance once steeped in hot water, brewing into deep-red liquor that is perfect to serve on special occasions.

“This tea is the embodiment of our passion for creating exceptional teas,” expressed Nishchal Banskota, founder of Nepal Tea Collective. “The Rose Label Reserve is a testament to the skill and dedication of our tea artisans, and we are thrilled to present this luxurious tea to tea enthusiasts worldwide.”

The Rose Label Reserve is available at USD $100 for 100 grams, for a limited time only. To purchase the Rose Label Reserve, please visit the Nepal Tea Collective website.

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