Pact Coffee to release limited edition Colombian coffee

The London roaster is releasing five different coffees from the Los Nogales farm, run by Colombian farmer Oscar Hernández, all in one limited edition set. 

Hernández’s father, Ricaurte, was the winner of the first ever Colombian Cup of Excellence and ran the farm until, tragically, he was killed by a paramilitary group while defending his farm in 2013. 

Oscar Hernández then left the Navy and returned to the farm, recruited his microbiologist sister and brother in law, and took a scientific approach to coffee which now brings widely admired natural left-of-field tasting notes.

The limited edition set contains 100g sachets of the five coffees that Hernández calls “the DNA of the farm.”

Each set comes with a booklet, detailing the innovative approach to each of the coffees, their tasting notes, and the full story behind the farm, plus a guide on how to taste speciality coffee. 

Jonny Gagel, Pact’s head roaster, said: “Roasters all over the world are queueing up for Oscar’s coffee for good reason. These are genuinely some of the most fascinating coffees I’ve tasted in a long time.” 

“There are flavours of cola, lemon, ginger, cherries, and much more. It’s an ambitious roasting project, and I can’t wait to get started.”

The set is available for pre-order from 11 April for and ships from 18 April. Customers can pre-order the set to save £5 and buy it for £24.95. 

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