The Tea Spot reports ‘Goddess Women’s Teas’ as best-sellers

The Tea Spot’s recently launched line of women’s teas – called Goddess Women’s Teas – are a current best-seller for the company, as more consumers discover premium tea or seek tea for its wellness benefits. The new line features three 100% organic tea blends that showcase botanicals and herbs to support women’s health throughout different stages of life.

Available in loose leaf and pyramid tea sachets, the new Goddess Women’s Teas are available at The Tea Spot is a leading producer of handcrafted whole leaf teas and Steepware, and the company donates 10% of all profits in-kind to cancer survivors and community wellness programs.

Maria Uspenski, founder and CEO of The Tea Spot, said, “As a woman-owned business centered around health and wellness, we’re proud of our new line of women’s tea, which have been quickly selling. All of these new teas are carefully crafted with delicious organic botanicals and herbs to support women’s health.”

According to Uspenski, more consumers are prioritising wellness and self-care because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and many functional wellness teas – like The Tea Spot’s Goddess Women’s Teas – are finding their way into the spotlight.

“Consumers are seeking natural ways to support wellness, whether it’s strengthening immunity, helping reduce stress, or bringing oneself ‘back into balance’ with a cup of tea,” said Uspenski. “In fact, consumers are seeking all varieties of tea – including traditional teas, functional teas, botanicals and herbal blends. We expect that premium tea and specialty wellness teas will continue to stay in the forefront of consumers’ minds.”

The Tea Spot’s Goddess Women’s Teas include:

Venus Rising, Organic – This naturally sweet, artisanal recipe is designed to soothe PMS cramps, headaches and mood swings, in addition to supporting overall wellness. Ingredients: hibiscus, licorice, lady’s mantle, fennel, red raspberry leaf, St. John’s wort, lavender and cramp bark.

Mamahood, Organic – The gentle, soothing nature of this caffeine-free herbal tea is intended to help women ease into breastfeeding. This tea nurtures milk production and a postpartum body with 100% organic, lactation-safe, caffeine-free herbs. Ingredients: rooibos, fenugreek seed, oatstraw, blessed thistle, alfalfa and natural crème flavour.

Women’s Wisdom, Organic – This herbal supplement tea is specifically formulated to support women who are going through menopause and perimenopause. It’s designed to help ameliorate hormonal balance, elevate mood, improve focus and soothe the irregularities affecting a woman’s body as she begins a new phase in life. Ingredients: lemongrass, black cohosh, dong quai, sage, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, red clover, tulsi holy basil and natural lemon flavouring.

The Tea Spot also offers a variety of premium loose-leaf tea and tea sachets that offer functional benefits for everyone, such as Turmeric Tonic (Organic), Adaptogenic Chai, Flu Fighter, Meditative Mind, Detox (Organic), Immunity (Organic) and more.

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