Bulletproof introduces Canned Cold Brew Black and Espresso Pods

As lockdowns ease and we begin to emerge from our homes, Bulletproof, the originator of the butter coffee, is debuting two new caffeinated items for on-the-go.

Available from 2 June 2021, Bulletproof’s new Canned Cold Brew Black offers more caffeine (200mg) than the average cold brew, an extra dose of healthy energy from added Vitamin B, and 0g of sugar. Cold Brew Black will be offered in a can as a ready-to-drink beverage in either ‘Unsweetened’ or ‘Lightly Sweetened’ (sweetened with stevia). Each can is 8oz and retails for $2.99. The products will be available on Bulletproof.com and Amazon in 12-packs for $35.88.

Additionally, just launched, Bulletproof’s first foray into Espresso Pods will be compostable and made from renewable plant-sourced bioplastics. They will offer the brand’s ‘Mentalist’ and ‘Original’ roasts in 10-packs for $8.99 or 30-packs for $24.99. Customers can enjoy the coffee on its own, or add Bulletproof’s signature Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil and Ghee to create the brand’s classic keto-friendly recipe for a creamy Bulletproof Coffee. The Espresso Pods are launching first on Bulletproof.com and on Amazon.

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