Coca-Cola’s Fuze Tea switches to SIG’s sustainable carton packs

Coca-Cola’s Fuze Tea’s carton packs in the Netherlands are now being produced more sustainably by using 100% responsibly sourced materials, that are 95% linked to plant-based raw materials which results in CO2 saving. Fuze Tea is the first brand in the iced tea category to switch to more sustainable carton packs by using SIG’s carton packs with the innovative SIGNATURE packaging material.

As much as 95% of the new carton pack is linked to plant-based raw materials such as paperboard made from renewable and responsibly sourced wood and polymers linked to wood-based tall oil, a residue extracted from wood in the paper making process. Besides that, all three main materials are certified as 100% responsibly sourced. The paperboard is FSCTM-certified, the polymers certified via an independently certified mass balance system and the aluminium certified by the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI). The closure is linked to plant-based polymers, too. An independent lifecycle assessment shows that SIGNATURE reduces the carbon footprint of carton packs (more information at

Volker Bubacz, head of Market Area BeNeLux and UK at SIG, said: “We are incredibly proud of the next step on our journey with Coca-Cola in the Netherlands and to contribute to both the commercial and sustainability ambitions of Fuze Tea with the transition to our SIGNATURE packaging solution, that reduces the carbon footprint of the packaging.”

The move to aseptic carton packs linked to 100% responsibly sourced materials is in line with Coca-Cola’s sustainability ambitions. Coca-Cola in the Netherlands has long been working on making all its packaging more sustainable, such as reducing unnecessary packaging and using more sustainable materials.

Joris Hendriks, director, commercial development at Coca-Cola European Partners Netherlands, commented: “Sustainability is at the heart of Fuze Tea. Of course, this applies not only to the ingredients of Fuze Tea itself, by only purchasing Rainforest Alliance certified tea and by using the method of preparing infused tea, but also when looking at the packaging. Fuze Tea is available in a variety of packaging solutions, from aseptic carton packs, PET bottles made from 100% recycled plastic rPET and cans to returnable glass bottles. We always look for the most suitable packaging and the most sustainable solution available for any purpose of use.”

Coca-Cola European Partners has the ambition to become climate-neutral across the entire value chain by 2040. Over the past ten years, Coca-Cola European Partners has already reduced its CO2 emissions by 30% through initiatives in the areas of transport, cooling, production and packaging. For the next ten years, the goal is to reduce emissions by another 30%. To realise these broad ambitions, partnerships with suppliers are essential. Fuze Tea’s new carton packs were created in close cooperation with SIG.

The SIGNATURE packaging material is one of the milestones in SIG’s journey to go Way Beyond Good by putting more into society and the environment than it takes out.

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