Le Piantagioni del Caffè announces new online event

After 18 months spent studying and analysing the Italian and international coffee market, and 26 years of experience in coffee manufacturing, Le Piantagioni del Caffè has given itself a major overhaul to move forward as a pioneering enterprise. The Livorno-based coffee company has now undertaken a new path and aims to pave the way for all those in the premium artisan coffee business. The company says it firmly believes that the next wave in the coffee market must be accessibility. To that end, it has given its image and design a complete makeover and reorganised and expanded its product range. All of this is simply the first step in a more substantial project, which the company will present during its “Bloom with Us” event on 18 January 2021 at 6 pm CET, live on its website www.lepiantagionidelcaffe.com.

“We are intent on making high-quality coffee more accessible, narrowing the distance that has grown over time between the product and consumers. We want to get it into as many people’s cups as possible”, says Prunella Meschini, a representative of the family that owns the coffee company.

The company’s CEO, Iacopo Bargoni, adds: “Relegating a great product to a niche of coffee aficionados is counterproductive and a thing of the past. We want to make coffee-tasting something for all, so that everyone can perceive quality in a simple, straightforward way.”

The company’s renewal embraces a full overhaul of its brand image, its packaging design and a strategy for its product lines, developed with the support of the strategic marketing agency IDEA Food & Beverage, in Milan: a bold choice, to breathe new life into the brand and send a message of openness and accessibility from the world of specialty coffees.

The event will be live-streamed on the website www.lepiantagionidelcaffe.com, on 18 January 2021 from 6 pm CET. In addition to a presentation of the new lines and products, there will be link-ups with prestigious guests such as Paolo Brunelli, a high-profile figure in the Italian ice cream and chocolate industry; Michele Valotti, chef at La Madia and famous for his trailblazing experiments with fermented foods; Valentina Montesi and Eleonora Bodini of Filter Coffee Lab, a specialty coffee shop in Pisa; calling in from Greece will be Fotis Apostolidis, AST (authorised SCA trainer) and from Romania, Vasi Andreica, the owner of Anvas Coffee Company.

All of these guests are clients of the company and will give their impressions of the work done together over the years, sharing their vision on the future role of coffee in the hospitality sector and hotel industry, patisseries and cafés.

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