Kerry introduces certified range of organic flavourings and extracts

Kerry, the Taste & Nutrition company, has unveiled its new, expanded range of organic certified extracts and flavourings that are in compliance with the upcoming European Union regulations for organic flavour labelling. The SimplyNature™ Organic range includes 24 flavourings, extracts, washes and distillates of orange, lemon, apple, raspberry, strawberry, mango, passionfruit, coffee, chocolate, cocoa and vanilla, to list a few of the major options currently on offer. These new developments are in compliance with the incoming EU regulations regarding labelling of flavours used in organic foods and beverages. The new regulation (EU 2018/848, scheduled for implementation 1 January 2022) is much more stringent in terms of what can be used in food and beverage products designated as “organic”.

This new EU law, published in May 2018, states that flavourings for organic foods and beverages will need to now be at least Natural X Flavourings (95/5 formula structure), with those meeting the new standard permitted to be described as “suitable for organic”. At the same time, flavourings formulated from at least 95% of organic raw materials can be declared as “organic flavourings”. The new regulation may represent a substantial challenge for those food and beverage manufacturing companies that need to reformulate existing products, or those that would like to upgrade their current formulations.

“SimplyNature Organic was developed by leveraging Kerry’s ethical sourcing expertise through our global farmer network. Created using our superior extraction technology and world-class flavour design, this new range captures the excellent aroma and body of the authentic source, eg, citrus, tropicals, berries, coffee, cocoa, vanilla, etc., while also providing a better finish than traditional processing,” said Davide Foà, Kerry’s business development director, Taste, EU & Russia.

“Our latest portfolio of organic certified flavourings and extracts delivers benefits and impacts that are very close to conventional natural flavourings and extracts, with the important exception that they can be labelled as ‘Organic Certified’ — in full compliance with the incoming EU regulations. This enables organic product developers to use these flavourings and extracts without specific limitations, as part of the 95% of the organic product formulation delivering the organoleptic impact that consumers love, in a cost-effective manner.”

“Consumers view organic products as healthier and better for the environment,” explains Christina Matrozou, marketing manager, Taste, EU & Russia. “There are clear and increasing calls for clarification about what ingredients can go into these food and beverage products, and the EU has set upcoming standards designed to strengthen the ‘organic’ claim. Kerry’s SimplyNature Organic range will meet or exceed these ambitious new standards while providing outstanding flavour profiles that product developers and consumers are sure to embrace.”

This new portfolio of SimplyNature Organic certified flavourings, washes, distillates and extracts from Kerry initially covers the major iconic flavours and will evolve and expand over time in line with customer demand. Kerry prides itself on managing the quality — from farm to fork — of all its offerings, and this begins with ethical sourcing through the company’s secure and sustainable global procurement network. It continues in formulation, using Kerry’s long-established expertise in flavour development, and finishes as it works closely with customers in a range of applications, including non-alcoholic, alcoholic and nutritional beverages, dairy and dairy alternatives, ice cream, and any other end uses that require minimal thermic processing.

Two examples of Kerry’s sustainability efforts include the Tsara Kalitao and the Café Femenino sustainability programmes. Under the Tsara Kalitao programme, Kerry aims to support farmers and their families while improving the quality and traceability of the raw materials supplied to the company. Kerry strives to develop local communities in Madagascar in relation to three pillars: the farmer’s livelihood, the empowerment of women, and support for education. Under the Café Femenino programme, Kerry is its exclusive extraction partner in guaranteeing a fair-trade organic coffee extract supply while working to improve the lives of female coffee producers around the world.

The new SimplyNature Organic range complements the rest of the Kerry flavourings regarded as “suitable for organic” — such as SimplyNature Natural X Flavourings, SimplyNature Extracts, and TasteSense™Natural Flavourings with Modifying Properties Suitable for Organic — to deliver an extensive range of options to food and beverage product developers.

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