illycaffé launches new initiative to eliminate 175 tonnes of plastic yearly

illycaffè is presenting #ONEMAKESTHEDIFFERENCE (One Makes The Difference), a new initiative part of the brand’s global sustainability plan, and one that will reportedly lead the company to becoming carbon neutral by 2033. The first step will be the elimination of about 175 tonnes of plastic per year.

With #ONEMAKESTHEDIFFERENCE, illycaffè reconfirms its commitment to creating a sustainable business model capable of finding competitive advantages for the business while integrating social and environmentally responsible best practices. The company’s goal is to collaboratively show how sustainable quality helps protect and improve the well-being of the planet, while also reminding consumers that everyone’s actions can make a difference.

illycaffé has implemented a multi-year programme to develop products that are increasingly environmentally friendly and represented by the hashtag #ONEMAKESTHEDIFFERENCE. Launching this month are new eco-friendly disposable items, starting with recyclable to-go cups donning the #ONEMAKESTHEDIFFERENCE hashtag and a graphic illustration, which will be available in illy bars, illy Caffè shops, and in vending machines.

Additionally, a new eco-friendly X1 ESE & Ground coffee machine will become available in October, equipped with technology that enables it to dispense coffee and steam, and heat water immediately, avoiding waiting times as each reaches its proper temperature. After each use, the machine instantly goes into standby mode, thereby ensuring significant energy savings. The machine reportedly also combines two methods of coffee preparation which are environmentally sustainable: new ESE compostable paper pods and ground coffee. All materials used in the construction of the machine have been carefully researched and selected to withstand usage over a long period of time, while also following eco-friendly guidelines all the way through to packaging.

Over the next 13 years, the #ONEMAKESTHEDIFFERENCE initiative will continue developing new sustainable products and offer solutions that respond to consumer needs, while using fewer material and energy resources to reduce illy’s environmental impact.

“We want to build a better future together with our consumers,” explained Massimiliano Pogliani, CEO of illycaffè. “Using the approach of continuously improving, which has distinguished us for over 80 years, knowing that day by day and deed by deed, each of us can make a difference.

“#ONEMAKESTHEDIFFERENCE officially marks the start of a series of initiatives to reaching our ambitious goal of becoming carbon neutral for the 100th Anniversary of the founding of illycaffè.”

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