Suki releases new sparkling iced tea infusions

Suki Tea Makers, the Belfast-based Northern Irish company, has launched new Sparkling Tea Infusions, available in Black Tea and Peach and White Tea, Apple and Elderflower flavours.

Suki’s new varieties are created using hand-picked tea leaves, botanicals and natural fruit juices and are made using real brewed leaf teas with no essences, no extracts and no artificial flavourings. Suki says this is an elevated approach that lifts the brand’s iced teas above heavily sugared, generic tasting alternatives.

Suki’s Speakling Tea Infusions are canned in hand-drawn packaging with illustrations by local artist Thomas Bannon, which Suki says boast a premium feel to match the premier taste of its new products.

Oscar Woolley, chief leaf at SUKI Tea, said: “We’re stepping outside our comfort zone once again to seek new adventures in the world of tea with the launch of Sparkling Tea Infusions. We wanted to create a product aimed at the UK fizzy drinks industry that didn’t lose any of SUKI’s integrity and hard-earned reputation for authenticity and a genuinely crafted, curated experience.

“At less than 60 calories per can, SUKI’s Sparkling Tea Infusions are the ideal healthy alternative to get your fizzy fix, silence your sweet tooth and quench your thirst. The iced teas are perfect for afternoon teas, picnics, festivals or simply hanging out at home on long, sunny days. There’s also the option to get creative with cocktails and add a cheeky bit of zing. The peach tea is perfect as a dark rum mixer, while the elderflower goes rather well with tequila.”

With over 15 years’ experience at the traditional end of the tea market, Suki says it has the vision, the curiosity and the confidence to explore new tea experiences. Suki’s new Sparkling Tea Infusions are available in 250ml cans to order today from Suki’s website. Prices start from £8.00 for a pack of four.

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