Saxbys opens new roastery with new coffees

Saxbys has announced the debut of its new coffee program, sourced globally and roasted locally at the brand’s new 7,000 square foot South Philadelphia roastery. Carefully curated by an impassioned team of prize-winning baristas, coffee trainers, expert roasters, and experienced green coffee buyers, the new lineup of coffee is now available across all Saxbys cafés and can also be purchased online nationwide at

Over a year ago, Saxbys hired vice president of coffee, David Amos, to develop a sourcing strategy that mirrored the brand’s core values and emphasised its mission to “Make Life Better.” Amos traveled the globe to thoughtfully source the best possible coffee for Saxbys’ guests while developing mutually beneficial relationships with growers and producers. Saxbys believes coffee should be the product of long-lasting relationships that start with a handshake where it was grown. At its core, the coffee program champions relationships rooted in mutual respect that the brand develops with producers at origin, and in turn, the relationships Saxbys has with its guests who enjoy the finished product.

“We firmly believe great coffee is a direct result of great relationships. We are committed to going to origin to continue our partnerships and develop new relationships that are both authentic and transparent. These relationships mean everything to us but ultimately we are there to find coffee we hope our guests will enjoy,” said David Amos, vice president of coffee.

“We take pride in doing this across our entire lineup — regardless of whether it is a single origin or a blend.”

The coffee is roasted locally in Saxbys’ new roastery located at 2415 Morris Street in South Philly. The facility, led by lead roaster Gregg Roberson, features a 728-ton yearly roast capacity and is instrumental to Saxbys’ four new blends and 10 upcoming single origin offerings.

The space boasts state of the art equipment, including 15- and 70 kilo stainless steel Loring Smart Roasters. The roasters employ tech-forward features from intuitive touch screens to built-in digital scales, all while using 80% less fuel than conventional roasters.

“We used to say, ‘we’re not in the coffee business, we’re ultimately in the hospitality business.’ As such, we became known as the company committed to making guests’ lives better through our team’s exceptional kindness and ongoing dedication to social impact,” said Saxbys founder and CEO Nick Bayer.

“But now, with a world-class team that brings over 50 years of combined industry expertise to the table and just as much unbridled passion to Make Life Better, we are equipped to offer product that’s as differentiating as our hospitality. Now we’re truly in the coffee and hospitality business – in a big way.”

The Saxbys Roastery is roasting and bagging four new coffee blends (with a range of single origins to come soon). They include:

  • Pep Talk: Lively and well-rounded with notes of butterscotch, chocolate chips, and dark cherry.
  • Liquid Courage Dark Roast: Satisfying and smooth, with dark chocolate, maple, and vanilla.
  • Go-Getter Espresso: Tastes of burnt caramel, honey, and black tea.
  • No Strings Decaf: Tasting notes of baker’s chocolate, nougat, and soft cranberry.

To learn more about Saxbys new coffee program and roastery, order coffee online and find a café near you, please visit

About Saxbys

Founded in 2005 by Nick Bayer, Saxbys is more than just coffee. With a core mission to “Make Life Better,” Saxbys brews real change in the communities it serves, while nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in team members who aspire to be make an impactful difference. In 2015, Saxbys launched its Experiential Learning Program to introduce exclusively student-run cafes to university campuses, complementing classroom learning with tangible experiences. Currently, eight Experiential Learning Program locations exist across seven campuses across the US.

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