Twinings delivers two new blends for OOH

Twinings is delivering two new loose-leaf pyramid bag tea blends, created to maximise the tea experience out of home.

The Full English and the All Day Decaf teas have been created exclusively to meet the needs of consumers in the out of home market to ensure that operators can deliver a unique and premium experience to their customers.

“Energy management throughout the day is a key consumer need and tea is a beverage which is able to deliver this due to both its refreshing and ‘pick me up’ role and also because of its ability to aid relaxation,” said Jacqui Chapman, shopper marketing manager at Twinings Foodservice.

“We also know that consumers won’t compromise on taste, especially in the out of home market and with this in mind, our two new blends release strong, well rounded and full- bodied flavours which consumers demand. The All Day blend is decaffeinated and this tea style continues to grow in popularity as caffeine conscious consumers want a refreshing drink with the same full bodied taste.”

Twinings The Full English is a robust, bright and strong cup that gives a zealous start to the day ahead or helps to power on through the 3pm slump.  For those looking to refresh and energise with a cup of tea without the caffeine, Twinings All Day Decaf is a balanced, brisk and refreshing tea with a new stronger blend and enhanced bold flavour.

The two teas have been created specifically for the out of home market. They both have a heavier bag weight at 3g, designed for a 12oz/ 330ml serve which is the equivalent of a tea pot of water (whereas most tea bags cater to smaller cups of water and are around 2/2.5g weight). The blends also meet the trend for a stronger taste so they brew with greater strength.

The pyramid bags use large leaf tea so they retain the intensity of flavour resulting in a bold drink without bitterness. The bags are also plastic free and biodegradable.

Enhancing out of home tea

Lucy Chappell, managing director & head of training at The London School of Tea reinforces the importance of the foodservice sector offering a unique proposition for its customers.

“Tea is changing and moving into a world of experience. Operators need to create an amazing tea event for customers, with adventurous serving styles, encouraging them to try new blends. We’ve seen such a huge increase in competition in the tea space and caterers must stay ahead of beverage trends and differentiate themselves from competitors. These two new tea blends look good, taste good and can change a customer’s drinking habits from everyday to exceptional. “

With 43% of consumers stating that they would pay more if a premium quality tea were offered and 22% of consumers preferring loose leaf tea or loose leaf pyramids, the two new blends from Twinings help foodservice operators to overcome the hurdle of charging more for tea by delivering a truly unique tea experience.

“Tea is best served in porcelain”, said Lucy, “and a tea cup is ideal as it is light and works with the tea to give an enhanced aroma.  Water should be freshly drawn and the tea added when it’s just below boiling, about 95 degrees.  We need to explain to customers how their tea is being prepared and train our staff in the art of tea premiumisation.”

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