New UK tea brand launches with Scandinavian philosophy

The new Hoogly Tea brand has been established with a mission of providing consumers with a feeling of comfort and well-being.

The UK-based Hoogly Tea brand was created with its roots in the mindful Danish concept of hygge. “Hygge can be loosely translated as a year-round feeling of warmth, well-being and cosiness. Central to hygge living is tea, with its ability to bring comfort and a sense of well-being,” says Tina Gloggengeiser, a Danish tea enthusiast who founded the company.

Denmark is consistently rated as one of the happiest countries in the world, and their love of hygge is frequently cited as one of the reasons for this. The Happiness Research Institute ran a survey among Danes to find out what they most associate hygge with, and hot drinks took first place.

Hoogly Tea offers a range of natural and ethically sourced green, white and black teas, herbal infusions and oolong, with unique blends and unusual flavours. The blends are all developed by Gloggengieser, and draw on the central themes of hygge: togetherness, food and celebration. These include Around the Fire Black Tea, a combination of smoky tea leaves, warming spices, safflower and crushed chili; Baked Apple Chai, a base of mellow Sri Lankan tea with apple, ginger, cinnamon and cloves; and Sparkling White, a Chinese white tea with apple, lemongrass, elderflower and rosehip.

Hoogly teas are blended and packed in the UK, ethically sourced and fairly traded. The biodegradable tea pyramids are soil association certified. Loose-leaf has an MSRP of £5.50 for 50g. Retail packs of 15-each have an MSRP between £4.25 and £5.25. Mixed mini packs have an MSRP of £5.99.

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