How Coffee Auctions Evolved into the Modern Era

This month, T&CTJ is launching a three-part series on coffee auctions. The series will evaluate the history of coffee auctions and their modern influence on specialty coffee. Part one focuses on the history and evolution of the coffee auction.

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One response to “How Coffee Auctions Evolved into the Modern Era”

  1. Laban Njuguna says:

    Hi Chris, my name is Laban Njūgūna. I live in Nebraska but was born and raised in Kenya. I have seen you write on Kenya and the NCE and even though I do enjoy your articles, I beleive you don’t do justice to small scale coffee farmer’s in your articles and how raw of a deal they get. I understand everybody has an agenda including me but I hope someday we in the west can put farmers interests first before our own parochial interests. I don’t know if you have heard about us, Zabuni Specialty Coffee Auction, the first, regularly scheduled, specialty coffee auction in the western world. This is our solution to empowering small scale coffee farmer’s to better prices and to access the market directly. May be you and I can have a chat sometime. People are not taking Zabuni very seriously but I think they are doing that at their own peril. N’way email me at your convenience

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