DavidsTea introduces compostable packaging

DavidsTea is implementing a variety of waste reduction initiatives from packaging materials to compostable shipping envelopes for non-breakable orders. As part of its transition to compostable packaging, the company has prioritised retaining the quality and integrity of their product, ensuring shelf-stability when delivered to customers. For this reason, compostable packaging is first being introduced in the company’s Garden to Cup tea collection, a collection of high-quality, single-ingredient teas that explore terroirs around the world, available now.

Through sourcing regenerative food-grade materials to understanding the capabilities of recycling and recovery facilities across the chain, the company is committed to its journey to compostability. From conception to planning, sourcing and procurement, the company acknowledges that there is ongoing industry challenges to develop more biodegradable materials for tea.

“Since we opened our doors in 2008, we’ve been rooted in eco-friendly decisions,” said Sarah Segal, chief executive officer and chief brand officer, DavidsTea. “Tea is naturally compostable, and it’s our goal to leave nothing behind. That’s why it’s important to us to find innovative solutions and test new materials, but without compromising on our high standards for quality and freshness—that’s where the new compostable packaging for our Garden to Cup teas comes in. We’re continuously working towards the development of regenerative packaging options and look forward to expanding it to more of our collection in the future,” she added.

Visit DavidsTea’s Sustainability page for continued updates on their efforts.

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