Origin Coffee recertified as B Corp

UK speciality coffee roaster, Origin Coffee, announces the recertification of its B Corp status with a score of 95.6 points marking it above the UK industry average of 94.1.

This milestone reflects the work of a strategic four-year initiative. Comprehensive changes have been implemented across the business involving internal stakeholders, external partners, and valued customers to achieve a 13-point increase, proving its commitment to a greener industry.

Since the initial accreditation in 2020, Origin Coffee has improved its standards across all areas including governance, worker improvements, and environmental improvements. Notable business changes have been implemented: the establishment of a new Environmental Management System, producing a greater percentage of low-impact renewable energy, emphasis on local sourcing, and the appointment of a full-time sustainability manager, Sarah Walker.

Origin Coffee has also recently won Best Speciality Coffee Roaster in Europe from the European Coffee Symposium (2023). Continuously striving to source exceptional coffee through a sustainable, triple-bottom-line approach, the company fosters direct relationships with coffee producers worldwide, championing a direct trade model. Looking at wider efforts across the business and as part of a four-year plan, Origin Coffee remains committed to ethical sourcing by increasing direct Green Coffee purchases from farmers by 77%.

Reflecting on this achievement, CEO Tom Sobey, noted, “This is such a huge achievement for us. We’re so proud to be recognised for our collective efforts and unwavering dedication to driving positive change. With the guidance of our sustainability manager, Sarah Walker, we are poised to embark on even greater initiatives aimed at setting new industry benchmarks and sustaining our momentum.”

Walker also commented, “The ‘B’ on our packaging represents a multitude of conscientious choices that have been made to improve our entire product ecosystem. In the realm of coffee, it signifies fair compensation for our farmers, better farm practices, environmentally mindful roasting methods, improved transportation practices, well-informed marketing efforts, and a commitment to transparency. Being able to include this emblem makes us very proud of everything we do.’

2024 marks two decades of business for Origin Coffee as it maintains its commitment to sustainability, quality, and integrity that is fundamental to its approach, particularly as it expands.

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