Envar launches UK coffee grounds recycling service

Following the acquisition of Bio-Bean’s assets last year, Envar Composting Ltd, which specialises in organic waste management, is now positioned to provide UK customers with an environmentally friendly and fully traceable solution for coffee waste.

The UK consumes nearly 36 billion cups of coffee each year, generating over 250,000 tonnes of spent coffee ground waste in the process. Envar’s coffee grounds recycling service can help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and waste disposal costs, effectively transforming waste into a sustainable resource.

Envar accept waste coffee grounds from businesses large and small across the UK. From bustling cafés to large retail centres which generate a significant amount of coffee waste, Envar can arrange convenient options for collection or delivery. The collection service is tailored to each client’s needs.

Once received at their site, Envar initiate a thorough & meticulous cleaning process eliminating impurities and contaminants (any non-organic matter) to ensure only the purest grounds move forward in the production cycle.

After processing the coffee grounds, Envar work closely with partners the Homefire Group, a leading provider of sustainable heating solutions, to produce a briquette fuel. Alongside this, Envar is developing alternative options for utilising coffee grounds, such as bio-fertilisers for viticulture, horticulture and agriculture.

“We are excited to introduce our Coffee Grounds Recycling Service as part of our ongoing efforts to promote sustainability and reduce our environmental footprint,” said Whitney O’Sullivan, commercial manager at Envar. “Coffee grounds are a valuable resource that can be repurposed to create bio-products, closing the loop on waste and supporting a more circular economy.”

Envar encourages coffee enthusiasts, businesses, and eco-conscious individuals to join in this initiative by utilising this coffee grounds recycling service. By doing so, they become integral contributors to a greener, more sustainable future.

For more information about Envar’s coffee grounds recycling service, visit envar.co.uk.

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