Nepal Tea Collective launches plastic free whole leaf tea bags

Nepal Tea Collective’s pyramid tea bags offer the full range and layers of flavour and aromas that premium quality, organic loose leaf tea offer, while also providing the brewing convenience and easy clean-up of tea bags. The tea bags themselves are plant-based, made of 100% non GMO sugarcane fiber.

With zero use of plastic in these tea bags, tea drinkers are able to enjoy delicious flavours of tea conveniently, as well as re-steep their tea without worrying about consuming microplastics.

Easy to brew, no hassle whole leaf tea bags

Tea bags are typically packed with tea-bag cut leaves or Brokens and Fannings, which are small pieces of tea and tea dust left-over from the production process of whole leaf tea. Unlike tea-bag cut leaves or broken tea leaves, whole leaf teas need the space to fully unfurl in hot water, and release all the layers of their flavors and aromas. This is why whole leaf teas are typically sold unbagged.

Nepal Tea Collective’s improved pyramid design allows their whole leaf teas to fully unfurl within the tea bag. This is why the experience of aromas released while brewing a cup of tea with Nepal Tea Collective’s tea bags is similar to brewing a pot of loose leaf tea.

An array of flavours 

Nepal Tea Collective’s tea bags come in four tea varieties: Himalayan Sunrise Black tea, Himalayan Mist Green Tea, Nepali Breakfast Chai Blend, and Kathmandu Cosmos Decaf Spice Blend, for sale on Nepal Tea Collective website.

These tea bags contain organic, artisanal teas. Only the first two leaves and the terminal bud are hand-plucked with delicate care, and processed by tea artisans of eastern Nepal.

Himalayan Sunrise Black tea: 

Flavour notes: Dark Chocolate, Raisins, Cherries

Himalayan Mist: 

Flavour notes: Floral, Roasted Nuts, Green Tea

Nepali Breakfast:

Flavour notes: Warm Spices, Cinnamon, Ginger bread

Kathmandu Cosmos Organic Chai Blend:

Flavor notes: Fruity, Citrus, Lemon ZIng

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