Blanca Castro appointed new executive director at IWCA

The International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) has announced the appointment of Blanca Castro as its new executive director. With over 16 years of experience in the coffee sector, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her new role.

Blanca’s history with IWCA began as a dedicated volunteer where she actively supported IWCA Global projects in Central America. In 2016, Blanca took over the role of chapter relations manager where she has successfully facilitated programmes and projects in support of the growth and success of the IWCA Chapter Network, representing 33 countries.

IWCA board president, Sharon Riechers, is excited about this new chapter saying “Blanca’s impressive background, experience, and deep commitment to the mission of the organisation will bring a fresh perspective and energy to programmes, partnerships, and overall impact of IWCA. With her leadership, IWCA is poised to further empower women in the coffee industry and drive positive change on a global scale.”

Blanca’s professional experience and dedication to promoting gender equality within the coffee industry make her an excellent fit for the role of executive director. Fluent in English, French, German, and Spanish, she is connected to a diverse professional network and has extensive experience in public relations, administration, and communications.

In a statement, Blanca expressed her enthusiasm for the new role, saying, “The inspiration I’ve found through groups of women willing to join IWCA got me since day one. It showed a clear need to gather, belong, and support, not only in a particular country or region but globally. IWCA, although seemingly small, has the vision and power to bring them all together and provide the necessary support. Women in the coffee industry deserve the changes that will enable them to achieve recognition and accountability. Building a team has been a nourishing ride for IWCA, and I truly believe that the collaboration of so many volunteers, following the original vision of the five remarkable women in coffee, is the foundation of the shared success of our great working team. I am incredibly excited for what lies ahead and for the continued growth and success of IWCA.”

Blanca Castro’s appointment as the new executive director marks an exciting new chapter for the International Women’s Coffee Alliance. Her multifaceted skills will enable her to identify the needs of various stakeholders in the coffee market and find innovative solutions to industry challenges.

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