The Camden Watch Company teams up with Brew Tea Co. to produce the Worker’s Blend Loose Leaf Tea

The Camden Watch Company, founded by wife and husband, Anneke Short and Jerome Robert, have teamed up with the Brew Tea Co. to bring the Worker’s Blend Loose Leaf Tea.

In the 1800s, British industrial workers started taking tea breaks in the afternoons to help keep them fuelled, alert and to subdue hunger.

A strong, earthy blend of rich Assam and smoky Lapsang Souchong will take you back in time to a Victorian Camden, according the company, where canal workers, railway men and raffish aristocrats lived, worked.

The idea occurred to Anneke and Jerome when they began work designing their worker mugs. They had the idea that they could offer tea with their mugs, but they wanted to make it their own.

Anneke Short said, “We got in touch with our friends over at Brew Tea Co. and they loved the idea. After months of blending, tasting, designing labels and sipping on cups of tea, we finally have our very own signature blend. So we present to you the Worker’s Blend loose leaf tea. 80% Assam and 20% Lapsang Suchoung, it’s smoky, rich and oh so Camden.”

Priced at RRP GBP£9.50 per packet, the tea is available in their stores and online:  Worker’s Blend Tea – The Camden Watch Company.

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