Sponsored: Upgrade your machine from staple to “staple free”

Upgrade your machine from staple to “staple free” for 1/20th of a cost of a brand new machine.

Abacus Tea Pvt Limited has supplied or converted the tea bag machines of the top two conglomerates in India with over 30 machines, which are currently on production.

Next phase – PLC with an auto reject system (ARS)

It all began in 2015 when Rohan De Lanerolle Snr ventured out into the unknown,  determined to find a solution to converting the existing staple tea bag machines to staple free.

This is because Abacus Tea Pvt Limited, which he is the chairman of, at the time owned 22 machines of German origin which produced stapled tea bags.

Rohan De Lanerolle Snr is a veteran in the tea bag machine industry

For years, he has been a consultant to many companies globally. From 2008, De Lanerolle worked on developing a skilled team of technicians to whom he has passed on his immense knowledge of the machines. His company, Abacus Tea Pvt Ltd, is now run by his two sons, Rohan Jr and Ishan.

Rohan De Lanerolle Snr, using his knowledge gathered over a 50 year period working on tea industry related machinery, made a break through in October 2017 when he managed to convert a well known machine of German origin, to staple free.

Both tag and bag side now have a knot created by a needle which replaces the metal pin / staple which used to be attached to the bag and tag side previously.

The next phase of the converted machine has been made possible by the next generation of the De Lanerolle’s Rohan and Ishan who have brought in the PLC with sensors and an auto reject (ARS) system to increase productivity, reduce reject rates and to increase overall efficiency and safety of the running of the machine.

Once the machines are installed and commissioned a 2 week training period is given to the technical team of the company where it was installed.

Industry analysts have seen this breakthrough as an economically sound invention and have hailed this invention ‘C2s’ due to its attraction not only for small and medium enterprises but conglomerates as well.

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    Tea’s stapleless teabags are made with a plant-based adhesive, which is supposed to be biodegradable and more environmentally friendly. Your blog proved to be an absolute gem! It gave me valuable insights and made the seemingly complex a breeze of understanding. Thanks for making learning so enjoyable and enlightening.

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