Jacksepticeye introduces Top of the Mornin’ Coffee brand

As one of the leading creative entrepreneurs in the world, Seán McLoughlin (known to fans as Jacksepticeye) has amassed more than 52 Million followers across social media – with 29M subscribers, nearly 16 Billion views on YouTube, alone, and regular collaborations with A-list celebrities including Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Holland and more. Named a Forbes Top Creator of 2022, McLoughlin is also an avid coffee drinker with a pension for giving back, and he now plans to combine both passions through Top of the Mornin’ coffee.

Available exclusively on TopoftheMorninCoffee.com, McLoughlin delivers his hallmark positivity to homes worldwide via delicious and sustainably-sourced coffees (roasted in the USA), hot chocolates and teas. Through vibrant branding, each product introduces a new element to McLoughlin’s fictional world of “Planet Positivity,” featuring various characters associated with the brand (including the brand’s frontman – aptly named “Sonny”), all of whom add a touch of fun, humour and unique charm to the world of specialty coffee.

These products are also promoting youth mental health in the process, as 1% of all sales on TopoftheMorninCoffee.com will go directly to the Crisis Text Line.

“Having a good cup of coffee in the morning always sets the tone for my day,” McLoughlin says. “With Top of the Mornin’, my goal was to make delicious coffee a good time as well — take out the stuffiness associated with a solid cup of Joe and make the experience as fun as it is tasty. We’ve totally revamped our branding to be bright and positive, while also using Top of the Mornin’ as an opportunity to help others in need through the Crisis Text Line — an organisation I’m extremely passionate about, which spotlights youth mental health. Now, the brand combines three of my favourite things — coffee, positivity and philanthropy — and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“We are truly grateful to Jacksepticeye for being a longtime supporter of Crisis Text Line and for continuing to be a huge champion of our mission – promoting mental well-being for people wherever they are,” said Dena Trujillo, CEO at Crisis Text Line. “We are excited about Top of the Mornin’ coffee’s rebrand — creating an upbeat, fun, inclusive and positive experience for all. It is truly heartwarming for us to know that 1% of every bag of coffee purchased will help train our volunteer Crisis Counselors and keep our service free and accessible to every texter who reaches out in their moments of need.”

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