Steeped launches Mr. Espresso blends in sustainable single-serve steeped bags

Steeped Coffee, a certified B Corp and Benefit Corporation, has announced it is partnering with Oakland-based Mr. Espresso to bring its classic Italian oak wood fire roasted coffee to single-serve coffee lovers nationwide. Brewed similarly to tea, Steeped Coffee’s proprietary brewing method delivers the full flavour of Mr. Espresso’s coffee with the convenience of single-serve – no pods, no plugs, and no machines required.

Mr. Espresso, a multi-generational family-run roaster, was founded in San Francisco in 1978 by Carlo Di Ruocco, after immigrating from Salerno, Italy – where he learned the art of bean selection and blending, and the craft of roasting by oak wood fire. His Italian-inspired espresso and wood-fire roasted coffee quickly gained a cult-level following in the Californian restaurant scene. Today, Mr. Espresso’s specialty coffee is still gently roasted over slow burning, oak wood logs that are hand selected, perfectly seasoned, and sustainably sourced. Skilfully adapting an Old World tradition to modern tastes, the Di Ruocco family continues to deliver classically inspired blends enjoyed by all. Widely recognized as one of the top roasters in the U.S., the company was selected by Roast Magazine as a finalist for 2022 Roaster of the Year.

“Mr. Espresso is the only macro roaster in the U.S. exclusively using oak wood fire to roast our beans,” said Luigi Di Ruocco, Mr. Espresso co-owner & vice president, Mr. Espresso. “Our slow roasting method uniquely preserves oil within the bean for an exquisite specialty coffee experience with more crema, fuller flavour, and a smoother finish.”

Together, Steeped and Mr. Espresso are partnering to bring the roaster’s best-selling blends Organic Golden Gate House Blend and Organic Seven Bridges Blend to single-serve coffee enthusiasts. The Steeped Bags deliver Mr. Espresso’s oak wood roasted, freshly ground coffee in pre-portioned brew bags that are triple nitro-sealed for freshness. Steeped Coffee’s game-changing brewing method has been recognized by industry experts, recently winning ‘Best New Product’ by the Specialty Coffee Expo.

“Steeped doesn’t take its barista-approved standards lightly and we’ve worked closely with industry experts to validate every aspect of the Steeped Brewing Method. Most importantly, the method delivers premium taste, bringing the most authentic specialty coffee experience to single-serve coffee lovers,” said Josh Wilbur, founder and CEO, Steeped Coffee. “We are proud to partner with Mr. Espresso to bring their oak wood fire roasted coffee to more consumers.”

“We are excited to be able to offer single-serve coffee in a format that meets our sustainability standards. The Steeped team has created a solution that’s perfect for taking the plunge into the single-serve coffee market — a method uniquely designed for environmental ethos while still delivering premium coffee flavour,” said Di Ruocco.

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