Neumann Kaffee Gruppe rejoins Global Coffee Platform

As of December 2022, Neumann Gruppe (NG) on behalf of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG), is rejoining the Global Coffee Platform (GCP). GCP is a unique multi stakeholder membership association of coffee producers, traders, roasters and retailers, civil society, associations, governments and donors, united under a common vision to work collectively towards a thriving, sustainable coffee sector for generations to come. GCP Members like NKG believe that sustainability is a shared responsibility to enhance farmers’ economic prosperity, improve well-being, and conservation of nature.

NKG resuming the engagement at the GCP comes along with the launch of GCP 2.0, which will focus the work of the GCP on farmer prosperity. The new strategy is based on two pillars. First, uniting for actions via the GCP country platforms, which are locally driven initiatives allowing national and international, and public and private sector stakeholders to collectively identify country-specific priorities and work together to address them. Second, driving sustainable sourcing via the Coffee Sustainability Reference Code, which offers a common language to enable farmers, producer organizations and their business partners, as well as donors, NGOs, financial institutions and governments to advance their coffee sustainability efforts, collaboratively and effectively.

NKG strives to participate in driving these changes from within and build up on an existing cooperation: In 2021, NKG already joined the pre-competitive collective initiative “Responsible use of agro-inputs for coffee” of the GCP in Vietnam. The goal of the initiative is to foster the responsible use of agro-chemicals in Vietnam’s coffee production. Furthermore, NKG’s supply chain program NKG Verified, which offers customers traceable coffees produced on farms meeting economic, social and environmental indicators, participates in the Equivalence Mechanism of the GCP to be recognized as equivalent to the Coffee Sustainability Reference Code, to ensure stakeholders that NKG Verified meets the baseline sustainability practices of the coffee sector. NKG Bloom, NKG’s initiative focusing on improving farmer livelihoods, is already equivalent under GCP version 1.0.

NKG believes in the power of collaboration and works pre-competitively with other stakeholders to address global relevant sustainability topics such as climate change, profitability of cultivation for future generations, diversity or transparency. NKG is also actively involved in (supra-)national associations and committees. Please learn more about our industry partnerships: Responsibility – Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG).

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