Olam Specialty Coffee announces rebranding changes name to Covoya

Olam Specialty Coffee (OSC) has announced a rebranding of the company, including a new name and logo. OSC is now Covoya. The new identities embodies the core values of the business, focusing on relationships, collaborative journeys, and shared stories to generate thrive-equity and a sustainable future throughout the coffee supply chain for producers, roasters, and the communities that
shape their success.

Commenting on the new name, managing director for Covoya Specialty Coffee in the United States,
Rob Stephen, said, “Covoya combines the idea of collaboration, which is the cornerstone of our business, and voyage, which speaks not only to the story behind every cup of coffee, but coffee journeys of every kind. Coffee is always a collaborative voyage.”

Phil Schluter, managing director for Covoya Specialty Coffee in Europe added, “It was very important
to us that our new brand capture what we value most in coffee, which is relationships—both at origin and in the consuming countries we serve around the world. At the same time, we wanted our name to evoke a sense of adventure and remind us of the challenges and discoveries which keep us motivated every day.”

First established in 2013, Covoya is an importer of specialty green coffee from over 30 coffee origins with U.S. offices in California and Rhode Island and an office serving Europe in Liverpool, U.K.

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