Premium caffeine-free coffee brand Velty makes debut

Velty is a woman-owned, premium coffee brand that reimagines the power of decaf.

It combines high quality coffee beans — intentionally-sourced from women-owned farms in Nicaragua and Colombia — with therapeutic ingredients designed to nurture the mind and gut, including mesquite, lion’s mane mushroom, reishi mushroom, and inulin.

Before launching Velty, founder Sharon Taylor loved coffee; but after being diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, burnout, and later ADHD, it was clear she needed to kick her caffeine addiction for both her physical and mental health. Now, she’s out to improve the lives of caffeine-free coffee drinkers (who have been stuck with limited and not-so-great-tasting options).

Velty’s debut product is a flavourful, freeze-dried instant coffee called Classic Uncaffeinated ($28 per box of eight single serving, on-the-go-ready sachets) that acts as a gut-friendly digestif. The coffee is 80 points above Specialty Coffee Association Standards. Velty is fair trade, sugar free, dairy free, keto and paleo friendly, ADHD friendly, pregnancy-friendly, perfect for travel and packaged with recycled materials.

To enjoy, Velty dissolves fully into any hot or cold beverage of choice. Pour Velty into your favorite cup, top with a bit of room temperature water, blend to dissolve, and add eight ounces of iced or hot liquid.


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