Pukka Herbs tackles pharmaceutical health culture with multiple research projects to unlock power of plants

Herbal wellbeing company, Pukka Herbs is undertaking 25 research projects to tackle a health culture
“overwhelming dominated” by pharmaceuticals, according to the latest Pukka’s Impact Report.

“Today, we face growing rates of chronic health issues, ranging from cardiovascular disease to anxiety related disorders, but there remains a limited appreciation of the solutions available to tackle these
issues. Sadly, pharmaceuticals are overwhelmingly dominant in our health culture and are often turned
to by default, without exploring the value of natural and preventative options.’’, explains Euan
MacLennan, Pukka’s herbal and sustainability director.

“For all its benefits (and there are many), Western medicine is often limited by its focus on treating the
symptoms rather than the root causes of illness and disease. It prioritises treatment over prevention,
with little on optimising health. Phytonutrients, those tiny little compounds like vitamins and minerals
that are found within plants, must be properly recognised for the role they play in human health now
and the enormous potential they harbour for our future. There is a weight of research that attests to this
and it’s time for governments and health authorities to acknowledge that fact.”

In 2021 Pukka collaborated on a breakthrough study on the impact of shatavari on women’s
health, which includes evidence that this herb improves muscle health in post-menopausal women.
It has also been awarded highly sought-after external funding to discover how teas can strengthen
immunity with University of Southampton and the benefits of herbal aromas – University of the West of
of England.

Pukka’s Impact Report provides a detailed overview of the action the company is taking to nurture
healthier, happier lives amongst consumers, support planetary health, farm organically with nature,
and be a business as a force for good: Pukka Herbs is committed to reaching its net zero greenhouse gas emissions target by 2030. It identified the need for immediate action on climate to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and safely store it in plants and the soil. Therefore the company has selected two partners, TreeSisters and World Land Trust, to invest in nature-based carbon removal projects, after reviewing more than 40 nature and biodiversity projects around the world.

This includes funding for the planting of over 1.2 million trees in partnership with TreeSisters since
2017 in order to help balance the company’s own carbon emissions (scopes 1, 2 and 3). In 2021
alone, Pukka funded the planting of 511,768 trees. TreeSisters is a social change and reforestation charity that places tropical forest restoration into everyone’s hands. They develop reforestation projects which ensure women’s empowerment by following a deep listening approach with Original Peoples.
Pukka donated €1,099,801 to environmental & social projects through commitment to 1% for the
Planet. 98% of Pukka packaging is recyclable and teabags are home compostable. These achievements play a vital role in helping Pukka accomplish its purpose of nurturing healthier, happier lives through powerful organic plants.

For more information on how Pukka is striving to make a positive impact, read the full 2021 report

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