Remedy kombucha flavours now available in Tesco ‘Meal Deal’

UK supermarket brand Tesco continues to focus on kombucha as a high-growth category by listing kombucha cans from Remedy in its ‘Meal Deal’ in more than 220 stores nationwide.

Remedy’s  Raspberry Lemonade and Wild Berry Kombucha flavours will be added to Tesco’s Meal Deal offer from late May, in response to increased customer demand for healthier food and drink options. This move comes in advance of HFSS regulations targeting products high in fat, sugar or salt, with Remedy’s formulation being both sugar-free and light and refreshing, making kombucha accessible to a mainstream shopper.

The UK kombucha grocery market, worth £14.3 million and growing at 28% year-on-year, is one of the most exciting categories in soft drinks. Remedy is the fastest growing major brand in this category, growing at over 60% year on year and accounting for 64% of total category growth over the past six months1. Remedy’s range of sparkling, live-cultured drinks are all naturally free from sugar and artificial sweeteners, and use a traditional, long-aged brewing process.

Recent research carried out by Remedy demonstrates that 76% of grocery shoppers are looking to reduce or avoid sugar in their diet, making Remedy Kombucha compelling as a simple swap. The latest flavour from Remedy, Remedy Kombucha Wild Berry, which launched exclusively into Tesco earlier this year, will be included within the Meal Deal together with Remedy Kombucha Raspberry Lemonade (both in 250ml can format). Other flavours sold within Tesco include Remedy Kombucha Ginger Lemon and Remedy Kombucha Mango Passion, both available in a multipack (4 x 330ml cans).

Anna Dominey, UK general manager at Remedy Drinks UK, said: “Consumers are actively seeking out great-tasting drinks and easy swaps to reduce their sugar intake, and our research demonstrates that they expect retailers to do their part to support them in making healthier choices. We’re thrilled to see Tesco responding to this by providing Remedy – a drink which is clearly appealing to their customers – with increased prominence and visibility in store.

“By including Remedy in their meal deal, Tesco is offering shoppers a natural alternative to high sugar or artificially sweetened drinks – with no compromise thanks to Remedy’s light and refreshing taste.”

As well as this move into front-of-store, Tesco recently increased its distribution of Remedy multipacks in the soft drinks aisle by >190%. This is not the only recent success story for Remedy, a brand created on a kitchen counter by founders Emmet and Sarah Condon as they sought to create a healthier drink option for their family: Remedy has also seen its distribution and range increased within Morrisons, Ocado and Holland & Barrett. Morrisons is adding Remedy Kombucha Mango Passion (700ml bottle) to its existing Remedy range; while Holland & Barrett will also extend its 700ml bottle range to include SEVEN flavour variants (both retailers also stock Remedy variants in wider can format). Additionally, Ocado is adding two further Remedy multipack variants in Wild Berry and Mango Passion flavours.

Anna added: “Remedy is driving growth in the kombucha category by increasing the healthy drinks options available for consumers without compromising on taste. We are grateful to our retail partners for their support in making kombucha more accessible to all.”

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